The power of mindset to achieve financial freedom

The power of mindset to achieve financial freedom

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What do you think of when you think about financial freedom? To many, it means having enough money to cover anything you could want – and not having to work to get it. But as Tony Robbins explains in this video, it’s not just about creating wealth – ultimately, it’s about ENJOYING the wealth you deserve. Watch this clip to learn the secrets to Step #3 of Financial Freedom from his Six Steps to Success: It’s all about your psychology.

As Tony says, business is 80 percent psychology and only 20 percent skills. When you cultivate a sense of wealth and abundance, no matter what your financial situation, you’ll also start to experience a sense of joy. When you feel grateful and joyful, it is easier for you to do well financially, because you aren’t operating in a scared and fearful mode. When we operate from a place of fear and scarcity, we make bad decisions – or worse, we don’t take any risks at all. When we operate from a place of abundance, we build resilience that carries us over any obstacle. Learn more about cultivating abundance at

In business and in life, mindset is everything. Numerous studies have proven that while pessimists are more realistic and accurate, optimists actually achieve more. They are more willing to push themselves because they believe they can do it, even when the evidence says otherwise. And eventually, they succeed. Discover the power of a positive attitude at and incorporate these strategies to help you achieve financial freedom.

Before you can learn the mechanics of finance, you need emotional and psychological strength. You need to believe you are larger than anything that can happen to you. You are larger than any financial challenge you can ever face. When you believe that, you will have an unstoppable psychology. You will achieve not only financial freedom, but also wealth.

Attend Business Mastery to unlock this mindset of achievement and resilience. Business Mastery is the world’s premier business training event designed and hosted by the world’s #1 authority on personal growth, business transformation and peak performance – Tony Robbins. This five-day event equips entrepreneurs, business owners and operators with cutting-edge systems, skills and strategies not found anywhere else to create an invincible advantage against competitors.

Business Mastery is designed to help participants thrive in any economic climate as they discover critical factors impacting their businesses currently, and design an action plan for the next phase of growth, whether they seek more profits or an exit strategy. This includes marketing tips, maximizing a business’ digital presence to actually get seen and discovered online and how to anticipate and solve the biggest business problems.

During this comprehensive program, participants gain the same proprietary tools and methodologies Tony Robbins has used to make more than 70 businesses profitable. They’ll also unlock exclusive growth tips from industry giants from companies like Airbnb, OrangeTheory, Shake Shack, SoulCycle, Warby Parker and more.

Now available as an immersive virtual event, Tony Robbins’s Business Mastery is drawing even larger crowds and a new generation of business owners.

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  1. thank you tony for inspiring me. It is a pleasure to listen to you. You are so fun and lively, you and Sage inspire me… I love you and your voice. Thank you for thewisdom x

  2. Tony Robbins is one of the most successful entrepreneur's ever! Truly this has been one of the most inspirational videos I have seen about financial success. Thank you for sharing this and I look forward to applying what you said in my own life and career.

  3. this is way people never really become wealthy they always compare them selves to somone thats in India and is poor there are like will i have food and a car and clothes. and they look at that and stop working at there goals. this is whats wrong people always find exscuses not to work for there dreams.

  4. This is inspirational and insightful thanks Tony for sharing this awesome tips ! I'm financially free and currently growing a solid retirement plan. It takes a positive and consistency to learn new things, unlearn the old habits ms Important to get a mentor/coach to lead you all the way. It's great to start young too!