The Most Powerful Quotes Ever Spoken

The Most Powerful Quotes Ever Spoken

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  1. Learn life lessons from your failures. Try your best not to make the same mistakes twice. Understand that losing is just a part of life and a necessary step on the path to success .
    Have a great day!

  2. ''If your base your expectations only on what you see , you blind yourself from the possibilty..of a new reality ''
    Zahreer – Legend of Korra

  3. I watched this video and then I watched best quotes from the battlefield . Is it possible you are American. You have oerwhelmingly quoted Americans. Is this lack of research of lack of understanding of the rest of the world.

  4. Don't bring anymore into this world, even Jesus said that "Don't will for me but we for yourselves she your children, for the days are that they will say, 'blessed is the womb which never bite and the breasts which never nursed.'" Yet no one listened to him in the one thing that really matters

    Beauty left the eye of the beholder when he saw truth

    He preferred granite not sadness and later experienced treachery

    Yet diamonds are still chocolate

    Give granite
    Stare at a rock
    Look at Kings and Queens, they are rare among people

    Behold beauty

    And some are black widows that still want to eat their mate when their mate saw a black widow and left, though she had two eyes and 32 teeth, and still she comes after you

    Been through 18 deaths no less and still she steals from my children after she used the courts to commit felony theft by deception and other multiple felonies, even daily stealing from my children

    But some sweet girls you should take out for dinner