The Lost Sheep | Life Without Limbs

The Lost Sheep | Life Without Limbs

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Everywhere I go, I encounter people suffering. I see it in their hurting faces.
I hear it when they tell me their heartbreaking stories. I even feel their pain when they give me a hug and hold on to me weeping. A life can change after only a few words. Think about that! Only a few words can rescue a life. A few simple words of hope can cut through their pain and cause their spirits to soar! I have been able to share God forgives… that He has a dynamic plan for peoples life…that Jesus is real!
Won’t you help me reach out to those lost sheep?

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  1. Hi Nick, Just wanted to say I really enjoyed working on this project, it was a great feeling to see you on the project I was working on,…it's been a pleasure thanks to Jens of course. Great team and souls, amazing result. bless you all. looking forward to work with all of you guys.

  2. the message is true…no doubt about it.
    but the video itself…come on…the drug clichée and the lost black guy who finds his faith….and what about nick…they show him like he is jesus himself.
    for me that are hardcore stereotyps and that makes the whole thing to a terrible video with a good message.

  3. @chaosblindycore85 It's called a parable. Believe it or not, a lot of people don't really know about Jesus or at the very least don't understand why Christ came to see the lost. This is a very simple parable showing the principle without being preachy. Well done guys! Great video!

  4. you can be the one of them 🙂 because Nick find everything he need in Jesus Christ and Jesus is the one who provide everything to His sons and daughters 🙂 you can ask God what you want, He choose us to change this world if everyone will know who really they are, where are they belong it would be amazing! 😀 Praise God! 🙂 by God's grace, and yes, Nick is such an amazing man and blessing to everyone, Praise God for that! 🙂 and God bless you too <3 🙂