The Key to Conscious Creativity | Eckhart Tolle Teachings

The Key to Conscious Creativity | Eckhart Tolle Teachings

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How to balance Presence and creation? How to make something new without getting trapped by the mind and thoughts? In this video, Eckhart gives a profound and insightful talk on joyful creativity.

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  1. I used to think of creativity as more like making a salad as opposed to art which I felt came from a divine place other than me. I like here how Eckhart talks about creativity of thought, how thought can invoke creation. And who knows maybe even a salad can be created from a divine source, but here he is noting the importance of the body in the role of creation which is good to remember. How to let the divine in by remaining present and feeling in your body when to go into action.

  2. Outward movement: universe creates multiplicity of forms.
    Inward movement: universe returns to its source.
    The universe needs both creativity and stillness.
    You are the microcosm of the universe.
    Thanks Eckhart.??????‍♀️?????

  3. Outward creation reflects inner movement.
    The power within you, the awareness of you being consciousness, flows through you. That's what creates through you, not the little creations by your ego.
    Fulfillment is already here now. True creation can't come out of neediness.
    Thanks Eckhart. ????‍♀️??‍♂️???‍♀️?

  4. The more you align with the essence, stillness, and unconditioned consciousness, the more power flows through you to create.
    Thanks Eckhart. ??️‍♂️?‍♀️?????‍♂️?‍♀️?

  5. Consciousness uses you as instrument to create outward from within. This is true creation and satisfaction. You don't “attract” anything.
    True creation happens for two reasons: the situation requires action, or you bring something into spacetime from the universe.
    Thanks Eckhart. ?????‍♀️???

  6. During the worst suffering what helps me is the expression through art of some kind. It's more about the state of flow then about the finished product.
    I'd love to understand this. Because while I am creating I am definitely not conscious. I'm not even aware of my surroundings. I am completely lost in some part of my subconscious that is free of judgements and it just feels like I am expressing the deepest truth of myself.
    Yet it is a state completely different to meditation or consciousness. What is it then?

  7. Such "in-breathing and out-breathing of the Universe"
    representing (so to say) the returning to its source and again going out for creating in various complex forms is metaphorically called " Lila / Play of God" in Hindu mythology ; because it is undertaken meaninglessly or purposelessly by the God just for playing/enjoying.

  8. One thing he doesn’t talk about much is the power of imagination and how assumptions create our world I would like to know he’s views on that because that’s a reality in itself. I’m deeply into Neville Goddard teachings and living in the wish fulfilled and it has transformed me in many ways. But then again it’s not living in a state where you desire something but feeling as though you have it and that brings a satiating feeling you can still be just as present and be creating something in your mind I hope that’s what he means by balance

  9. This question has often puzzled me too… what an incredibly wise and insightful explanation this is. Thank you Eckhart, you are a blessing and a source of great comfort to me and to so many on this planet ?❤?

  10. A deeply vital and useful question to the world asked at 5:36 – “what is the motivation for creation if you are already accepting of the present moment?”
    Ppl have asked me this question before when I talk of acceptance and I’m so so grateful Eckhart answered it here! ??❤️