The Importance Of Knowing The Power Of Mind To Achieve The Impossible Dream | Danica Patrick

The Importance Of Knowing The Power Of Mind To Achieve The Impossible Dream | Danica Patrick

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  1. I love strong, smart women who lead us all to great accomplishments like Dana Patrick. Thank you Dana for staying in the forefront as a role model.

  2. ?✍️ it's called the sub conscious mind ,,Shani that is Saturn programmes from childhood the visions of a particular person or kid ,,again these are to do with karma's ,,Shani rewards hardworking into riches ,royalty ,money :)) ,,3 Rd eye main spot for visionary conjunction for planetary energy around a person s auric body

  3. Greetings Vishen! In regards to your daughter, perhaps she is already "Wonder Woman" and as a parent, you help foster that within her as she walks her path. I too, was fortunate that my Dad fostered my Mind. Thank you and Danica for this post today. I experienced epiphanies throughout this podcast. Especially when I realized that much of my life has been in "pause" mode since the 8th grade from an adverse encounter with my 8th grade school counselor who told me straight out, I'm too stupid to take academic classes in high school. I did Not tell my parents and I "hated" "school". No, I did not take those classes. I took all the electives I could and whatever required classes. She was an authoritarian figure and not knowing better, I believed her. Oh ha to that. So, 10 years later I discovered I have a high "IQ", intelligent and had a high GPA in college and my major- accounting served me well in my adult world. Now, I'm ready for my "True/Real" life that I now realize has been in pause mode. I'm deeply grateful that I followed instincts and captured this post. It gives me a point of Inner work and that I have your Omvana app to help me with that shift and hit "Play" mode again. I am headed there now. Again, Thank You both!! G ??? Danica, I was born and raised in Indy and grew up on that track. I fly up whenever I can and still have racing…speed, adventure, adrenaline junkie in my blood! Thank you for this post. May you have a Stellar day.

  4. I want ask something about my experience during meditation that is it possible ?
    I have been practicing visualisation meditation for the last 28 days. Something very strange happened to me today. While I was meditating, I noticed something between my thumb and index finger that suddenly happened. When I opened my eyes, it was a penny coin from Britain. Although this is the first time I have seen this coin. I live in pakistani . Can you tell me how it happened? I still have this coin. If you say so, I can WhatsApp or email you a picture of it.

  5. So many beautiful nuggests of learning! Thank you both so much. Danica! You encouraged me so much when I first started rooting for you in NASCAR! <3

  6. This is one of the Best interviews I've seen! Danica is one of the most inspiring people I've seen lately! I didn't really know of her until recently I happened upon her podcast a couple of weeks ago not knowing who she was and watched part of that and then I saw her come on here not REALLY APPRECIATING the magnitude of her fame and what she had accomplished in her life at just 39! Truly a beautiful person outside and inside driven and intelligent! Very much reminds me of the way I've always approached life, although I've hit some big hurdles and challenges in recent years, but I don't believe ANYTHING happens by coincidence and coming upon this podcast and being SO INSPIRED by her story, her tenaciousness, her success, her outlook on life and the fact she is a total contradiction as am I! I felt like I'm the only one like that until recently but I saw this podcast along with one or two other recently that have REALLY given me renewed self belief to keep going! I'm slightly older in my mid 40s and and Englishman, however spiritually I've had what Iater found out was an awakening in the last 3 years (having always been a bit psychic but blocked it out!) Having always been driven successful strived and succeeded in areas that were not what I was naturally gifted towards but made myself successful but ultimately was not happy and in recent years had a massive fall from relative success in all areas of my life to challenges losses and failures in more than one area of my life including physical health issues.
    I've always felt I may be on the wrong path and I know where I n ed to be heading and possibly should have been heading 20years ago as opposed to the direction I took, which while I was successful at it, led to failure due to the industry j was in failing globally and also personally simultaneously having many challenges physically and mentally, then the spiritual awakening after finding meditation and opening up that whole side of me I've completely changed my outlook on life my definition of what success means and what I want in life and I just hope I haven't left it too late to turn my life around again and succeed once again, but in the area I need to focus/makes me happy and also given the state of the world right now, what I want to accomplish and also personally what I've always wanted from a relationship and family perspective.
    Anyhow great interview, very inspiring lady very beautiful and I am inspired to take what she said and run with it.. also to look up some more of her podcasts her previous work and learn more about her accomplishments in driving and other areas, as she has clearly led such an amazing inspiring life!!
    Thanks for making such great content!
    Cheers from London England ?❤️???️????????