The human mind can have a direct impact on physical reality

The human mind can have a direct impact on physical reality

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  1. I got into a terrible car accident where a taxicab hit my work vehicle leaving me badly injured. The Doctor(s) said it was a permanent injury and that it would never heal. That my legs would begin to atrophy and I would soon lose the ability to walk. It was affecting my mood and I became very depressed. It was only after I learned how to separate my physical body from my mental body that I began to heal. It's really amazing what the body and mind can do!

  2. Every country knows about this. But if they let the knowledge get out. Sociaty would , brake the system as it is. Power to the people. That's why they lye and medicate,more and more thing it's comming weather they want it or not. Medical control is bound to loose.

  3. sleep fasting and food fasting are how you activate your supernatural powers. you're welcome. only a few will hear the truth. not all western cultures are in the deep sleep-slumbered spell. wake up and see heaven. its l
    already here

  4. Our son from a young age would talk about being here before. He told me he was here again to find his wife. He also told me I had saved him before, that he was lost at sea after a ship sank, then washed up to shore where I found him and saved him. I never told him it wasn't so, I wrote down and recorded things he said to me, listened with an open mind. He is now 8, and doesn't remember even saying these things to me.. when I was younger, I used to dream things that became a reality. I remember being afraid to dream, because I wasn't sure what would become reality or not. After having my first sexual experience, my dreaming stopped. Now I very veeeery rarely dream at all – or at least don't remember what I have dreamed.