The End of Fear | Eckhart Tolle’s Guide on How to Achieve True Peace

The End of Fear | Eckhart Tolle’s Guide on How to Achieve True Peace

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In this video, Eckhart shares valuable insight into how the power of presence can be used to end your fear and bring you peace.

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  1. 30 years ago l was on my way to speak at alcoholic treatment center as a A.A. member,l read a sign in front of a church that said, when we reach our wits end that's where God is. I am now at my wits end.

    Anger arises out of fear is one of the most well-known misconceptions in spiritual teachings nowadays.

    Desire, attachemnt and identification is the cause of fear. The same applies to anger. Behind them is ignorance of our divine nature and identification with our physical body. But ignorance is the result of the desire for carnal pleasure.

    Thus, both anger and fear have as their origin or common cause the deisre (and the illusory needs of the Ego), attachemnt and identification.

    Fear, as a secondary factor, can activate anger when we think or believe that some person, event (or whatever) may prevent us from satisfying a desire (need, craving) or make us lose an object of desire we already possess and to which we are attached, or cause us something unwanted (undesirable), such as pain, illness, damage to our reputation or self-image, etc.

  3. Halo, If anyone is going to be at a spiritual seminar in Mexico and sees spacetimecreator on YouTube, please give him a hard time for promoting the psychic manipulation of me and my 2 year old biological daughter and 74 year old mother and also please tell him to stop trying to turn everyone into Illuminati mind control slaves

  4. I hate life at the moment. I want my father in law out of my life. He is abusive controlling swears disgusting swears and a true chavaunistic narcassist. All of a sudden hes started to come to my house. I'm wanting him to leave us alone. I don't care.

  5. I "worked" with a man in Charleston, SC who advertised himself as a "Teacher of God in the Course in Miracles." He physically assaulted me by throwing "negative chi," punching me in the gut. No one believes me, but it did happen and he has scared me from any religious movement.

  6. The message from the Course of Miracles is hard for me to embrace. It implies that the effects of traumatic events doesn’t really exist because the parts of people who are affected by things like childhood abuse or neglect are seen as things which can be threatened and therefore not real
    I know that the concept of a spiritual bypass is a construct and it seems appropriate here. It’s important to acknowledge what’s so and to respond skillfully with understanding and care for these are very real human needs that we all have.

  7. Fine to say this in a comfortable setting like a seminar or talk etc.. Easy to say this if you have a comfortable middle class existence, it all sounds so good, so reasonable.

    How about "letting go" or "being present" after your child has just been kidnapped? Let's see how this all works then, or let's say you are homeless, penniless, living under a bridge, eating out of trash bins..? Or maybe you live in a ghetto or are in prison somewhere surrounded by violent irrational mentally disturbed people. My point is this..

    These eastern ideas of "letting go" or of "meditation" are themselves nothing but an ILLUSION. Life is not in essence "beyond fear" or "beyond threats".. try "being present" after your child is murdered or is diagnosed with a terminal disease. Do you think anyone in world history could just smile in peace in the midst of such traumatic loss? Do you really believe that anyone could simply "let go" of a loved one who was ripped out of their life? No, some things are bound by natural law and those things are REAL.

    Eastern thought is a good therapy drug for the anxious well off westerner, and THAT is its appeal and its popularity. But it is really and TRULY just as illusory as anything else. And I'm not saying "it's good for some people and not for others", I'm saying it's entirely USELESS as anything else is. It's a delusion, a distraction, a mental drug with many many addicts, AND its escapist nonsense!

    Reality is Reality, it's not a game. Loss is loss, fear is fear and threats are threats, you cannot escape the horrors and tragedy of being alive and all that it brings. So I have some advice..

    Stop fooling yourself. Stop creating illusions of "gurus" and fantasy states of "letting go" and "peace." There is no such thing as "peace." As long as you are alive you have to struggle with loss, struggle with decay, with entropy and struggle against its pain. "Survival of the fittest" is the foundation of all of life and that means YOU.