The cost of workplace stress — and how to reduce it | Rob Cooke

The cost of workplace stress — and how to reduce it | Rob Cooke

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  1. Our workplace should actually incoperate some stress related test to be done every quater and give their employees a break accordingly or atleast deploy some professionals ,so that they can help us deal with it!

  2. After work from home started, my work hours increased from 8 hours to 14 – 15 hours. It's not officially told, but the amount of work expected of me. Management knows the amount of time the work will require but the only reason I've been given every time I Voice out the stress- "You are at home, just take time to finish your work…. and maybe work on weekends". I'm expected to be available for about 14 hours, because I'm anyways at home. I'm at a breaking point now, it just that it's difficult to get another job due to this pandemic so Companies are taking advantage of that.

  3. I work in insurance and it has made me lose my faith in humanity. Having the finger pointed at you and getting cursed up and down all day when you’re just following a policy has crushed my soul. I can’t financially afford to leave, but being at work makes me physically ill to the point where after I hang up from a tough call I have to go use the bathroom. I never knew growing up would be this stressful.

  4. Ever since I was promoted to a manager, the amount of stress is just unbelievable. The pay is a bit better, but my mental health is both physically and mentally deteriorating.

  5. I am too feeling like this, like there is something in my stomach, there are vibrations happening in my stomach
    , why can't people be kind? I don't know how I will be able to take it..Its isn't easy to do

  6. My job is chill but the management is bad . I have like 4 managers each say one thing . I’m also a back up cashier and when I need to finish marking down a whole section of sales floor I can’t cause I get called up to the register. And I loose time and all the other co workers get mad cause I didn’t finish and I’m off the next day and marking down never gets finished by me not even my managers say anything but the co workers . The main manager hasn’t even said nothing about me , I show up and ask what is my task for today and I keep asking when I completed each thing he says so I won’t be standing . I wish the co workers knew what it is to be callled up to register and deal with customers sometimes I think they’re a bit envious cause I can do multiple things around the store and they have to be in one place all day . I work at a thrift store by the way

  7. I am currently on two months unpaid leave to relieve stress try and lower my blood pressure and figure out a way to earn a living without being dangerously stressed out every week. The management and people in power at the company operate with such contempt towards the workers even just the way you’re spoken to sometimes but they know we need the salary. I can’t wait to leave I’ve truly had enough although from what I’ve heard there are high levels of stress in all work environments. God help us all.

  8. Thank you for this. I am living the life of a single mother too. I drown in guilt everyday for being irritable towards my child, I end up making tiny mistakes in my recent highly stressful job – I'm supposed to be on alert 24/7. I am thankful for the job and can't think of other choices as I'm worried I wouldn't get an opportunity like this especially being a mother.
    When I talked to my company, I was told that I was tested for my stress handling style. I mean it was a nightmare with only 3 hours of sleep everyday. So much that the stress test hasn't ended yet.

    The companies need to be more humane rather than being greedy for profits.

  9. My workplace gives us an over abundant amount of information. Emails, having to do way too many tests every day on work-based learning and cleaning up corporate mess is a huge issue in my workplace. Too much information makes it hard to process. It causes so much stress and burnout for me. I'm also a perfectionist and that makes it even more so.
    Not to mention micromanagement which is another huge issue…. these managers are 'trained' to micromanage. ,

  10. I just woke up at 4 morning with pain in my heart because of very hard stressful month at job…i cant keep it the was ..i think a way lose my life with heart attack .. i try meditation but i can't concentrate

  11. Your job will kill you. Then replace you for the next sucker. Trust me, I'm in Management! Life is short, pack lite, the less you have the more you gain. stay away from 9-5's choose 3-11's or 6am-2pm, that way you get more time to enjoy the day.

  12. I feel like I'm stuck in a tight spot I work at a pastry and also go to school right after work i have noticed that when I try to much or to less at any of those my performance just drops and I dont know what to do im just 18 and don't really have anyone to turn to i just i dont know what to do i just do and it really burns me out to the point I just skip school and miss important classes cause if I don't im just scared I will just collapse:/

  13. I feel like I just need to talk to someone sometimes and pour it all out. I keep everything inside because everyone has their own problems in life and I don't want to bother anyone, I also think my friends will look at me like come on suck it up. I just lost my Mom and started a new job that is hard to get used to. My Dad is constantly in and out of the hospital as well. I just want to scream for help sometimes.

  14. Poor supervisors with the employee = slave mentality. Passive aggressive retaliation for speaking up. Employee advocates are needed in house. Trust is nearly extinct in these environments. The ability to anonymously speak, comment, request, report is needed also with a public acknowledgement that the comment has been received and will be addressed.

  15. I think that there is already a good awareness about workplace wellness and more and more leaders started taking care of their employees.

    In the future, it's going to be even better and better,

  16. I don't understand why the focus is always on corporations. What about high stress non-profit jobs? Should people there just go kill themselves? Seriously, fed up with this rhetoric.

  17. Anxiety burned me out last week, now I'm totally burned out, leaves me confused even at work. I have been unable to close a candidate for any role since March when I was employed. I am doing everything right, my boss keeps delegating duties and re-delegating and rearranging, the environment isn't active, I'm having a lot of responsibility with little money, barely can save… I can't save actually. My leg keeps getting sore…. I can feel myself burning and not wanting to wake up to work. I'm so tired I don't look forward to Mondays. ?

  18. I don’t get how they expect us to be productive while overworked and unhappy. My happiest days were during covid lower working hours I was more productive than the usual work hours. And that’s everyone’s revelation. And yet as soon as we went back to 100% functioning, they went back to the usual health wrecking depressing routine.