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#NoMoreSurvivalMode | Eric Thomas speaking to AT&T and his Harbor Solar Employees. This is Part 1 of a 3 Part Series.

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  1. Finish the years STRONG…LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. All about mental toughness, living in the present moment, accentuating the positives and being very consistent with your success daily routines. What is your routine???? #FinishStrong

  2. What I learned today…
    1. Don't get comfortable – Still 30 days left to plant seeds
    2. Believe in what you believe in – Nothing in reserve
    3. Being deliberate in the small things will change your game
    4. Don't let the 80/20's in until later in the day
    5. Where your focus goes your energy flows
    6. Don't turn 1 bad hole into 10 bad holes – Mental toughness
    7. What's your routine?
    Thanks ET =)

  3. What I learned today…
    1. Finish Strong (don’t get comfortable) – 30 days left to plant seeds
    2. Believe in what you believe in – wholeheartedly
    3. Remember that the small things can have the biggest impact (habits)
    4. Consistency outguns talent
    5. Where focus goes, energy flows
    6. Learn from your past, but live in the present

  4. 3 years ago, I was in a low point. I was laying in bed, my son bless is sole was playing the guru video, it truck me an light a fire inside of me, since then I have being listening to your videos. I have fallen and got back up and dusted myself off. Everyday it is a battle but with positive words like yours it keep me going. to you and your family happy holidays!.
    Thanks you
    you have changed my life forever!
    You are an angel!

  5. You have to make the time to take the time to execute your routine. Maybe you can't do it at the same time everyday, but you need to still do it everyday. Do what? That productive activity. That mindset training. That fitness maintenance. That moment of gratitude. Everyday is an opportunity to make the time to take the time. #MP

  6. Thanks ET you have been a huge help for me going back to school in 2014 at 30 years old. I am set to finish my AA in June 2016 and I finished this quarter with a 3.9 GPA. The best GPA I have ever gotten in my life for one term. I was happy with the 3.7 I pulled one quarter in 2014 and now this. Greatness!

  7. i am still flabbergasted at how these episodes still keep getting better and better. "you turn the next one into the last one"….I'm still trying to process that one, damn E

  8. I honestly don't know very much about E… but why is it he's helping out people who seem to have come from wealth? Doesn't he talk about coming from the streets of Detroit… homeless? Are there videos of him helping out people from the streets? People who really need help? Serious question.

  9. sometimes I just watch the part at 4:20 that says I'll beat anybody on the planet cause u working out our talent and talent only. In working out of 50-60 percent talent and the rest is all mental.