Special Episode For Those Who Feel Like Giving Up On Internet Marketing With Major Lance Sumner

Special Episode For Those Who Feel Like Giving Up On Internet Marketing With Major Lance Sumner

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It seems like every podcaster’s wet dream is to score a big shot interviewee.

It may be an internet marketing guru, a best selling self help author or even someone who’s famous for being famous.

Podcasting is all about social proof.

Of course, I’m no different.

I hosted internet marketing gurus, best selling authors and even one billionaire – founder of Priceline.com

Today, however, is a different sort of show.

I am hopeful it will inspire you, because I’m joined by Lance Sumner aka Major Sumner.

Major is a long-time member of my VIP club. We first started working together when he was still trying to make sense of internet marketing. These days his name sparkles on the Digital Altitude leaderboards.

Major is a biz opp “unicorn.”

He’s what every internet marketing beginner aspires to be.

He’s the one guy who ACTUALLY MADE IT!

His story will inspire you, because he not only didn’t know how to start a business, but he also had to climb out of a deep hole while learning the ropes.

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