SICK OF TALKERS! Where Are The Walkers?

SICK OF TALKERS! Where Are The Walkers?

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  1. Man, I'm basically sick and tired talking to myself that I really want to do something in life, but for some reason I make dumb, stupid, and insignificant excuses and "priorities." Man, My goal before 2020 is to Sacrifice everything for a better tomorrow. Enough of this Bullshit a** excuses. This has to stop right now before 2020, otherwise I'll never ever forgive myself. Thanks Fearless for the reminder.

  2. I don't care if I want to talk I will talk coz it's embedded on me it runs on my blood. I just hate people who humiliates small or poor people or those helpless just because they are rich they can just do it before giving help . Think of that

  3. You know if rich people could only help the poor without humiliating them first without killing their hearts first that is the true essence of helping . But if you say hurting words to poor before helping better not help just let the poor die.

  4. Hey hey what will I act . Did I promise anyone for anything? Are you crazy guys! Hahaha…
    I only have one person for me it's my Mentor my Coach no one else . Hahahaha … It was Him who can command me that hahahaha no one else…. My team we are just two . I don't think many are included. Then I will quit. I don't need that.