PUSH THROUGH THE PAIN – Powerful Motivational Speech Video (Featuring Mat Wilson)

PUSH THROUGH THE PAIN – Powerful Motivational Speech Video (Featuring Mat Wilson)

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  1. I am so lazy and it is so hard. I have wants and needs that I am too lazy to meet. My brain is horrible and I am trying. I just want to be happy I don’t care about money, popularly, and/or the feeling of accomplishment. Those things are great and can help and bless but it is not all I want. I think I want to become a bus driver but there is so much to the job. I am going to try to take this advice and apply it to my life. Thank you so much. My mental and emotional torment I am going to try and push through.

  2. I have been suffering with depression because my grandma died. I then watched this video and I realized that if I die I wont see my family, my friends, my classmate, teachers,and neighbors. This helped me realized that I just need to walk in a different road. I realized that God is with me.

  3. Pain is not temporary until you physically and mentally let it go that's why you got build up your will power and be strong minded. Don't let the past pull you back and keep moving forward.

  4. Sometimes the pain is your whole life no escape no getting through it or growing through the pain is the only friend I have left. My pain is no longer my enemy it's my guide it tells me the truth and its told me it will out wait me its job was to teach me how to become; how not to become. I've walked when my legs wouldn't work loved when I was filled with hate. Saw the same chaos in most and now I recognise the same in others each of us has to spend time with pain seasons that we wish would pass quick. Dont be in a rush you may miss your exit. I am living proof that hard times produce if you allow it a chance to develop incredible sensitivity limitless never say die attitude. A huge appreciation of my life your life the complexities and the very ordinary. I am in pain right now but it's not sore it's a friend who says we know each other I know what your capable off . Decades later I am forever shaped by my life time of pain but not to be overwhelmed but rather to see that I may have fallen in the gutter at times but I always looked up and appreciated the beauty of the stars. When my life is over it's not pain that defines it it's the fact that I wont let my pain or struggles be the thing that defined me but rather a quiet voice that kept whispering every night get up and tomorrow and give your best even if your best is just getting out of bed. Everyone claiming to have answers I have 50 years of experience and in the words of Johnny Cash I have become a stronger ,weaker, wiser man. We miss so much as we focusing on often the parts that bring the pain I focus on love and its kept me going through agony through nearly dying twice and many painful losses my mother and father a child. I know pain it knows me we help each other I wrote this for anyone who cant see a way out. A favourite saying of mine now if opportunity has knocked on your door then maybe you got to build the door bit more work bit more pain but I musnt forget the prize on offer……Freedom; from fear from what folk think of you. What you think of you freedom, how to live freedom to cry/ laugh, to be you freedom to inspire to love to reach out to connect the freedom to be wrong and not all that! and that's just cool. Pain led me to this place place of not having a map but of trusting (nearly dieing believing that I would make it telling myself I'll be ok I'll heal as I wanted to live and deeply wanted my life wanted to see my wife and kids and friends to love on them more maybe the odd argument lol with all its cracks and chips where has it led you I would love to hear. I AM no one no big thing but I send Love to everyone as we all works in progress and 100 years from now we all gone but with the time I have left my pain has shown me the it's not about how long we live for rather what we live for and how we live this out. Dont be too hard on yourself that what friends and family are for….only joking or am I ? Be your own best friend some days the only good stuff your gonna hear about you will have to come from you. Dont quit the darkness is always darkest just before the dawn and always remember you matter you count your here and alive so you got more to do learn feel cry over laugh over ect ect pain is real it hurts but we are so bloody strong you find out when you look back after many decades and you still here, yeah we stronger than we realise! Peace love and healing

  5. Just came home from my first nights shift at a new job with mega blisters on my feet, my feet hurt so much and I need to go back to work in 8 hours. I'm scared I won't be able to do the job ?

  6. I will push my body and my mind through extreme pain everyday.
    For 6 month i.e. till December..
    Cause I need extreme change on my life..
    I Will be updating everyday…
    So that I could hold myself accountable.
    And also inspire you guys….