Own Up to Your Mistakes | Darren Hardy

Own Up to Your Mistakes | Darren Hardy

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We’ve all experienced less than stellar things in our lives. But you have to admit to your mistakes, and more importantly, move on from them. The fact of the matter is, you are 100% responsible for how you respond to the negative experiences in your life. Start owning that fact today! https://bit.ly/38fJzci

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0:00 – Story from The Compound Effect
0:42 – What I learned from my mistake
1:53 – The problem with fighting in the past
2:28 – Where in your life are you fighting in the past?
3:12 – You are responsible for how you respond
3:39 – Choose to be 100% responsible

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  1. Extraordinary person reading this, you are not define by your circumstance or your past. It’s not what happened to you that determines your success in life; it is how you deal with those circumstances that determines your success in life! You are strong, you are capable and practice forgiveness (Forgiveness is for you) and gratitude everyday. This will change the course of your life forever! Love you always and I believe in you wholeheartedly ✨❤️ – Nat

  2. i listened to your book on audible the other day and id like to thank-you for the great content. your approach is spot on and i find myself listening to certain chapters on a daily basis to stay on track.
    love your work!