OVERCOME HARD TIMES – Best Motivational Speech Video

OVERCOME HARD TIMES – Best Motivational Speech Video

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  1. I've told my own subscribers this. As society keeps telling them the opposite. The hard times can make you stronger but only if you allow yourself to absorb the lessons learned and the tenacity it took to get through them. Because if you don't, tough times can bury you as well. If you give up with every road block then it will become the pattern for your life. If you develop a fighting mentality however, no matter what, then not only will the tough times be less in duration but when the times aren't hard you will advance even more so. The problem is we live in a generation of coddle now. We are telling them tough times should fall on society to get you through. And that will set someone up for an unfulfilled life. But if you keep your sword razor sharp, you will find that you will be prepared to use it quickly and won't even have to draw it nearly as much. Hope this helps someone out there—Charles

  2. So amazing video its so lesson full video for all who want to achieve success in life it is only able by acting on these words which are spoken in this video .God Bless you brother keep it up

  3. My hardest time right now is getting an audience to hear my wife and I share our knowledge with the world via our channel's videos here on YouTube.

    We've decided to keep grinding hard not minding the odds. We have decided to fight good. We won't give up.

  4. “Compassion is at the heart of every little thing we do. It is the dearest quality we possess. Yet all too often it can be cast aside with consequences too tragic to speak of. To lose our compassion, we lose what it is to be human.”

  5. I'm binge watching these motivational videos to keep the fear from taking over. I know that if I can stay spiritually conscious, I can withstand anything! Thank you for this video and motivational message!

  6. Life is short, and full of decisions. Sometimes we make good decisions, sometimes bad. Failure or mistakes are lessons not life sentences. Attitude is a lot of how we perceive things. We all need to look at life as the gift it is……the greatest teacher of all times told us to be like a child. And the greatest of these is love. I believe it……