ONE DAY OR DAY ONE – Best Motivational Video

ONE DAY OR DAY ONE – Best Motivational Video

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  1. किसी से ईर्ष्या करके मनुष्य उसका कुछ नहीं बिगाड़ सकता है, पर अपनी नींद और सुख चैन अवश्य खो देता है.

  2. Dear person, who is reading this message. Yes, you! I want you to know that you are phenomenal and regardless how difficult life is I want you to know that I believe in you! You will achieve everything that you set out to accomplish and nothing will stand in your way. Whatever you do, do not give up, do not give in, and never quit. No you have two people who believes in you me and yourself. Go after your dreams.

    I wish you the best!!

  3. Last years I was having a really tough time. I've almost quit my college, I simply couldn't handle it anymore, then after watching dozens of motivational videos I've decided to make the change I'm seeking to see in my life and started to organize my time and write my objectives down, I also I learned I very interesting hobbit which was reading for 30 min per day, after some months I've started to see the good results and my whole life was changing.
    This year I've decided to help others in the same situation as mine to find their way through the darkness and I created this channel for you guys.
    Check it our guys I really appreciate that, Love you guys and always remember that the only things that matter is you!

  4. I want to workout to be fit and healthier.
    I want to learn playing guitar and singing.
    I want to learn some different languages.
    I want to read some more.
    I want to have some nice looking tattoos.
    All these things and more would make me the man I want to be.
    Today is June 20th 2022.
    If you read this, please remind me in the future of what I wrote. I will accomplish my goals.
    Because, today is day one!