Most Powerful Speech By Man Who Survived Jump From Golden Gate Bridge | Kevin Hines | Goalcast

Most Powerful Speech By Man Who Survived Jump From Golden Gate Bridge | Kevin Hines | Goalcast

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  1. i feel pain a deep pain after i lost my son ..this live is not for me anymore its only my husband and 3 kids that keep me alive but u feel missing him is to much for me …i wil be glad if iam with him

  2. I am leading a tough life… I ain't got any friend and I am jobless and all alone… All my money was scammed by trusted one… I am lost… I wanna jump off building and end all this

  3. In 2021, I tried to commit suicide. I ran from home, contemplated at one bridge, and attempted at the second. Before I let go from the rail, I heard so many voices start talking in my head and the loudest one kept saying, "not now, just keep walking." So I stopped and walked, I ended up at a hospital nearby.

    This video makes me remember this and the other times I've wanted to escape the pain. However, this video also reminds me of how I am still here and alive through all of it. Just keep walking, and living.

  4. God bless this man for proving to people that this decision, this thought will only lead you to regret. You survived for a reason. So you could help others. Your a guardian angel.

  5. My 15 year old niece is suicidal. I just shared this story with her. She is going to be hospitalized for the 4th time. Her father killed himself when she was 5 months old. This video has helped me. I too have depression, anxiety, and have had suicidal thoughts. I am now 45 and feel better. Not perfect, but manageable. I know that my pain has a purpose. My niece and my daughter need my understanding and empathy. I speak openly about my issues and attempts at suicide. I survived for a reason. I know I have a purpose and I don’t want to die anymore. But the truest statement is.. “we just want the pain to stop”. That’s very impactful. Thank you for sharing your story. Years ago it made a huge difference in my life. And now I am using for my niece and daughter. ❤️????

  6. I would love to talk to this guy I was always taught to keep my problems to myself and now I'm having a lot of trouble with depression and suicidal thoughts I'm hoping one day someone actually listens to me

  7. depression is horrific.
    had it for nearly 10 yrs.
    everytime i had suicide episodes, i sat litterly on my hands, waiting for my brain to change. I survived, and happy to still be here.

  8. I feels like want to suicide. For all my life i dedicated myself doing business and working.

    WISE the fintech company located in UK. Has taken hold almost all of my money which 2.253.000 USD. I want to fight and report and go to court hired a lawyer. But it feels so tiring, my heart full of sadness. How come this catastrophy comes to life. Should i just die and left this mess to my family. When i die i bet WISE might return the money to my family. WISE takes all the money including my loan.

    I’m so lifeless and just want this pain of losing money go away. Wish someone could take over my life

  9. This was three years ago. Before COVID and all of the horrible mandates and economic disaster. Imagine what the suicide yearly rate has been for 2020 21 and 22' so far. Really saddening times we live in.

  10. I tried to look on Amazon for a DVD, or something… but there isn't one. I think you can stream stuff, though…
    Maybe there is more on Netflix?
    Feel free, anybody, to let me know <3
    This video makes it into my Top 5 favorite videos, on YouTube.

  11. I’m sorry to anyone who’s ever faced this. Praying for you. Know that others will as well. Please share your stories for others.

    Glory to The Lord Our God
    Praise Him for his infinite holiness
    Jesus loves us and has blessed us
    Live for Him
    And remember no matter what happens to us, God is a Good God
    Keep on knocking and you shall be answered

    Love to all,
    Gabe Harris