MORNING MOTIVATION – Wake Up Early, Start Your Day Right! Listen Every Day! – 30-Minute Motivation

MORNING MOTIVATION – Wake Up Early, Start Your Day Right! Listen Every Day! – 30-Minute Motivation

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  1. يَاْعبّادِالُلُُه يَامٌسِلُمٌيَنَ اتْقًوَ الُلُُه فَيَنَا انَظٌرَوَ الُيَنَا بُّْعيَنَ الُرَحُمٌُه يَا نَاسِ يَاامٌةِ مٌحُمٌدِ صّارَتْ فَيَ قًلُوَبّكِمٌ لُارَحُمٌُه وَلُاشِفَقًُه وَلُا انَسِـانَيَُه انَـيَ كِـمٌ شِـكِيَـتْ وَكِـمٌ نَادِيَـتْ وَكِـمٌ نَاشِـدِ وَلُكِنَ لُاحُـيَاُه لُـمٌنَ تْـنَادِـيَ ُهـلُ يَرَضُيـكِـمٌ انَ اٌخـوَانَـيَ يَـبّـكِـوَنَ وَيَمٌوَتْوَنَ مٌنَ الُجْوَُُْع وَانَتْمٌ مٌوَجْوَدِوَنَ يَْعلُمٌ الُلُُه لُانَجْدِ احُتْا قًيَمٌتْ كِيَسِ دِقًيَقً ابّيَ مٌتْوَفَيَ وَاٌخوَنَيَ صّغًارَ ليس لنا أحد أقسم بالله العظيم أنهم ناموا أمس جوعانين وهم يبكون والدموع جفت من البكاء ياأهل الخير هل يرضيكم أننا من أمس لحد الآن بدون أكل ياأخوة الإسلام نحن أسره أيتام ونازحين ومشردين مستاجرين بيت واليوم صارت علينا متاخرات حق الاجار وما استطعنا ندفع وصاحب البيت يشتي يخرجنا اذا مادفعنا الاجار أرجووكم ساعدونا وفرحونا أرجوكم أوقفوا معنا والله العظيم أننا بأمس الحاجه أسألكم بالله ياأهل الخير الي عنده القدره على مساعدتنا لايتاخر علينا لحظه هاذا رقمي واتساب 00967717688908الذي يقدر يساعدنا يراسلني على الواتساب نرسله الاسم الكامل يحولنا بقدر المستطاع عليه جزاك الله خير''

  2. Seven simple steps to achieving your goals
    1. Write down your goal. Get your goal out of your imagination and on to a piece of paper. …
    2. Set a deadline. Set a target date by which you will complete your goal. …
    3. Work on your mindset. …
    4. Develop your skillset. …
    5. Take the first step. …
    6. Continue to completion. …
    7. Reward yourself.

  3. When you complain, you make yourself into a victim. When you speak out, you are in your power. So change the situation by taking action or by speaking out if necessary or possible; leave the situation or accept it. All else is madness.

  4. be practical these videos will never help you that's the fact . do mistake and learn. try , not to make it again . your life is a slow process these videos will make you excited but life is a boring late process so be careless . enjoy your life everything will happen automatically.

  5. Good morning everyone sending you all strength N joy today. Remember every single one of you are wounderful souls. Never forget that. Sending you all love an joy today 💌❤️🦋🇨🇦

  6. What will it hurt to try? You can do nothing, be scared of your greatness, and focus on what other people have to say; and be the same you as you are right now until you leave this earth. Not leaving a legacy. Or you could try. Try 1% more everyday to be better than the day before and in 100 days you will be 100% better than you were when you started. It takes one small step to make a huge impactful change. You see your haters are praying everyday that you don’t realize your potential and greatness so you don’t grow beyond them. I praying that you realize you are great and you impact the world with your gifts❤

  7. To anyone reading this that's struggling, depressed, in a rut or in need of help; things will get better, you have the power in yourself. To anyone who really needs it I promise you will find the help you need at the site in my bio. Have a look, take a chance