Matthew McConaughey on The Education System

Matthew McConaughey on The Education System

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  1. College degrees are moneymakers for colleges and universities. Good heart Matthew but… you need to do more homework. Our school system sucks from ore k through college. Read yesterday now skin ethnicity will be used to select physician doctor degree seekers, yeah. Critical race theory hitting Medical schools.

  2. The dumbing down of our youth is by design. Go to Duck duck go (google scrubbed it) and search: We are all still students of the Frankfurt School. It's a short article but encapsulates the agenda developed by evil people in 1913 and it HAS COME TO FRUITION!!!

  3. Keep it real people. You don't need a degree or formal education? what about a medical doctor? U want them to have a degree? A lawyer handling your legal problem…..u want that lawyer to have a degree? Ok, how about a civil or structural engineer inspecting the foundations of your new house build….u want them to have a degree? What about that pilot flying your precious family from A to B……u want that pilot to have a degree? umm, YES u DO! Non? Yes. Careful saying u don't need education, because u do. It's essential in some areas of life kids, ok? K. ty

  4. Solid points, problem is- the universities make tons of money on that poetry class. Although, Actuary Science 101 is rarely filled. You may ask why, because it is hard…and there is a very small percentage of students that want those challenges. So if we got rid of electives, focused on core classes..put emphasis on the trades. You would have students graduating with the basic tools to get a fair paying job- that has a ladder of advancement attached to it.

  5. Focusing on, or blaming the system is like foregoing maintenance on your vehicle and then being mad at your car when it breaks down. Our education system reflects societal flaws. Colleges are businesses, they're set up to maximize income for the school. Common sense life lessons were/are supposed to be learned from your parents/relatives. I didn't need an education to know/understand that being poor sucks. Comedian Ron White says it best, "You can't fix stupid."

  6. They need to be learning about money ? how to make money save and invest. Make money ? save money invest in money ? teach the poor how to fish for money. Don't give them a fish teach them how.

  7. Emotional intelligence should be taught in kindergarten our school system relies on parents to teach this and some children are never taught this and we need teachers that relay to the student that every child is special and they know it

  8. I dare you to come to MN talk to our Leaders at the state levels, State Principals, and place your mouth where your Hollywood stature can be!!!! Education is lacking, some methodology needs to stay the same, but tweaked for those sped students that are wanting to enter the work force but can't and won't now even when lacking workers country wide!!!! I dare you to be Closing the gap between those students with the journeymen Plummer jobs or journalist, and caterpillar trade school students that will always be even on a space ship compare to the 3D printers of the future building body parts of the future, or schools that reach the demand that our sports stadiums are made out of and clothing that heals…

  9. The whole education system is crap compared to my education and the biggest thing they do is fill there heads with social issues in which I believe they should just stick to the facts not half beliefs and half truths.

  10. Someone should of told this bongo playing man child that he should of got a real college degree, instead of buying one.
    Because the art of the steal sure got him in deep doo doo. Apparently, Apprenticeship's aren't really what they are cracked up to be.