Master Chunyi Lin: “This was kept secret in the Taoist practice”

Master Chunyi Lin: “This was kept secret in the Taoist practice”

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  1. The elitists there paper which says our goal will be accomplished one drop at a time so as to never bring suspicion upon ourselves this will also prevent them from seeing the changes as they occur we will always stand above the relative field of their experience where we know the secrets of the absolute we will work together always and will remain bound by blood and secrecy death will come to he who speaks we will keep their lifespan short and their minds weak while pretending to do the opposite when we use our knowledge of Science and Thechnology in subtle ways so they never see what is happening.)^ "KEEP THEM POOR!"

  2. Yada, yada, yada…
    They make video after video about the mysterious forces and the processes.
    But they never make a video showing results.
    Show me the money !!!

  3. GTFO OWO the hand thing actually worked, not that i don't believe in the power of the mind but it's still mind blowing how fast it works i'm used to it being a slow process

  4. I made the exercise with the hands. It seems really that they are getting longer. Every time with the hand you are holding up. You can even say that your fingers are getting shorter, and they are getting shorter. But here is the thing: if you are looking down at your hands you will see that one hand is more up or down than the other. That gives you the illusion that they are becoming longer or shorter. If you measure your hands before and after they stay the same. The impressive thing is: every time you hold one hand up and say its getting longer it will be the hand that is more up when you put them together. Or down if you said they will be shorter. So the mass of your hands are not changing, your will is directing the mass in a specific direction.

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  6. I'm sorry but…. i mean first i will say i believe in the benefits of movement, things like Yoga etc…
    I don't practice it but i believe in it.
    But the chi and the intelligence in the body talk is a fantasy.
    He gives the open hand VS closed hand example and refers to the tingling sensation as the chi.
    Sorry man but this isn't CHI and you don't need a degree in medicine to know that using your muscles will create this tingling sensation and relaxing your muscles makes the sensation stop.
    Flex any muscle and then relax it. You flex, you feel something, you stop flexing and you stop feeling it.
    I hate it when people try to prove something with non sense because they prey on people's ignorance to feed them misinformation.
    Also, why is it that the people who talk about magical healing practices don't look healthy themselves.
    If his chakras were so aligned and balanced and his body was in such harmony, why would he be missing so much hair?
    Why does he look old and weak with a few extra pounds around the belly?
    Those are not the signs of a healthy person.
    I saw people who are 75 years old and more and they look healthier than this man and they achieved this by eating well and exercising.
    Yes there are benefits to meditation and other things mentioned in this video but don't believe that any of it can magically heal you.
    If you want to be healthy, you need to eat good and healthy foods, keep your macros in check and do exercise.
    If i'm gonna follow anyone's advice, it's not gonna be someone who looks less healthy than myself.

  7. What complete and utter mumbo-jumbo. the reason why your fingers now match up is that you are stretching them more, to make them line up. The first time you weren't expecting a result. Your body does not redirect energy to make the fingers longer. Show me a single clinical study where this is being shown and proven. Should be easy enough, right? If it's a fact and it's proven, you can measure it.
    I can show you 20 studies where expectations alter results though. These kinds of videos are the cancer of the health movement.

  8. Sometimes your up and some times your down. When you're up and it's Never As Good As It Seems and when you're down you don't think you're ever going to get back up. THATS IT THE END….NO GOD…ONLY THE POWER OF OUR MIND…..QUIT FOLLOWING

  9. Energy will go to wherever you focus it. If you focus on “I AM HEALED and can walk” like it is a fact, your mind will believe you. It’s already done.
    I’m living proof of focusing energy to what was wrong with me and it kept me stuck in that sickness. When I started telling myself and others, that I was healed, I was. Our mind is SO powerful and it WILL believe and DO whatever you BELIEVE to be the truth.

    It’s not about hope, it’s about belief. ❤️

  10. I've an empath(spiritually gifted to some extent)with decent mind programming and visualization skills and I've dabbled with crystal protection and healing- and basic meditation and breathing exercises- root chakra affirmations- increasing your vibration affirmations- crown chakra golden light and white light healing…they all work 4 Me but after I stumbled across this video those hand techniques they are powerful I found just one technique first try the one where u imagine holding a ball.. I was able to effectively clear bad energies and reset my system but what impressed me was how smooth and quick it was- great stuff also i found the technique were u hold your hands palm up above u towards the sky worked great 2-

  11. There are yoga postures with hand mudras. Prana in yogic practice is subtle as well. It's remarkable that ancient India and China didn't integrate. Yet an Indian monk introduced yoga, meditation and prana breathing practiced to the Shaolin monks.His name was Bodhidharma. His life and teaching in China is well documented.

  12. Left side of the body got weaker 4 years back.
    Wasn't taken to the hospital back then.
    Last year when I went to get it checked, there was no diagnosis.
    But the symtoms are still there.
    Relying on prayers now.