MARK PASSIO: “If you want to create real change to happen, requirements exist”

MARK PASSIO: “If you want to create real change to happen, requirements exist”

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  1. Power back in prayer. Tell-A-Vision. The keys.

    When the Bible was being edited by the Pharisee and Sanhedrin, (who later took the titles Pope and the council of Cardinals) They deliberately broke the Lord's prayer when they instituted the translation in the Latin. They did, infact, turn our Father Creator into a fetch/vending machine. Thereby, leaving every part of it up to him. Hallow your own name, do your own will, restore your kingdom yourself. (Think about it.) What of this includes you? None of it includes you. Other than you being a sit on the couch recipient of his deeds, of course. Originally, Jesus had said it in the Greek. And here it is.

    Our Father who art in heaven. 

    Thy name must be being Hallowed. (That means, you Hallow it.)

    They Will must be being done on earth as it is in heaven. (Guess who's on earth? You are. It's up to you to do his Will here.)

    Thy kingdom must be being restored. (Yeah, that's you again. And for the individual, it doesn't mean unto the whole world, it is generational. Lovingly, slowly, repetitively, patiently tell your children. Ten years, that's how long it takes to put it in their hearts. Remember, do not turn it into a weapon. Your neck, the mill stone and the sea.)

    Give us today, our tomorrow's bread. (The wisdom of Jesus, as though we stood beside him in the present tense.)

    Forgive us our failings as we forgive those who have hurt us. (Now, what I am writing here will make a lot more sense once you have read, keys to the Kingdom. If you have truly reconciled them unto your heart and forgiven them to the full measure, is this not the first time that this has come out of your mouth in all it's intended honesty? I'm betting it is.)

    Lead us away from evil, delivering us from its temptation as these are not that which you intended. (This may differ as I could not find the translation for accuracy.)

    Bottom line here is that you are a required part of the power pack.

    He goes before us and prepares the way. Is

    Simply this. You want or need a better position and pay. So, you pray unto the Father and he, because the Father is a mind, he is mentality, (the kybalion will explain this perfectly.) He reaches forth in thought, whispering to the hearts and minds of those who will assist you, to give you that which you have asked for. (In belief. Ask, believe and receive.)This requires you to do your part, go to work.

    Recognize that the Father wants a personal relationship with you, and he desires that you want one with him. That means, you have your part in this. Do your part. Now, remembering that our Father is a mind, he, when communicating with the prophets did this in visions. So, when you pray to the Father remember, the words are for you to build a vision with. In essence, Tell-A-Vision to the Father. Let him see it in your mind. Be clear, get precise, aim for accuracy. 

    Now, in order for prayer to work, the the Father said, if you have anything against your brother go make peace, really. And you know as well as anyone, in this day and anger age, it's often unwise to do so, in person, that is. Follow the instructions below.

    The Keys to the Kingdom

    When one understands reconciliation to its fullest meaning, one understands forgiveness. Without reconciliation, forgiveness cannot stand. Reconciliation kills, on impact, all negative emotion. All of it, from your first breath, unto your last. The only emotion that reconciliation cannot defend itself against, is that of love. Love is energy, your soul is energy. So, if the adage, you are what you eat, is true, then the only thing feeding your soul is love and your soul will mature properly and become love in of itself, as we have been commanded, to become like our Father. Who, in of himself, is love. Vengeance is mine, said the Lord, because when you give him vengeance, he turns it into correction and saves his other child, if they will let him. Imagine how you are going to feel towards your enemy in heaven. If you can really imagine the truest form of that feeling, congratulations, those feelings have just transcended time and space. In essence, you asked, asked to see, that's prayer, you believed what you saw, you received it, you felt it. Again, congratulations, you just asked, believed and received. The Father creator loved us, reconciled us unto himself and forgave us. The steps matter. Unless reconciliation is first, forgiveness falls flat on it's face and dies. Forsake the parade. Go unto the Father yourself and take the walk of life with your hand in his. And consider this, with our Father, I truly believe it's, come as you are and I will change you as I need you. Start your commitment to him with these words if they suit you. Finish the statements. Here I am. I am willing. What is the truth? And you had better be sincere or it's going to fail. 

    (Anger. Let us deal with this for a moment. If you are angry about something that happened three weeks ago, it's because, you have a muscle in your stomach, you know the one, that is a chemical junkie. This muscle was present when that particular memory was created and stored. And it calls out that chemical signature, and forces you to re-live that moment, so it can feed, you have not been angry in a long time, you been duped. And now that you know, what are you going to do, fake angry? As soon as you begin to feel angry about anything from the past, stop it. Just take a look around you, and know nothing happened to you today, unless it actually did. And if it did, that's the only thing you can be truly angry about.)

    (Do not invite the back stabber to your table, here. What they did matters, they, given the opportunity, will do it again. You have a date in heaven, see them there. Old people bring old habits.)

    (Live in reconciliation. Do not leave that state of being.)

    (Live in believe, of ask, believe and receive. This would have been better stated as, ask believe and be given. Recieving means to be given, therefore, it's not up to you to move beyond, believe. That's the Father's right and it also allows for recognition of his works and compassion. Also, Throw away the timer.)

    (Regarding Faith. Faith is simply loyalty. Loyalty to the fact that you asked, loyalty to the fact that you believed. Stay loyal, stay faithful. Or one might choose to see Faith from the vantage point of, staying true.)

    (As for the judgement room that we have all heard of, well, it may surprise you to learn that that room is in your head, and it's running constantly. We all have a piece of the Christ Consciousness in our minds. All of us. This is how silent prayer is heard. And anytime you do anything good or bad, your heart has an intention and emotional reaction. That intention and emotional reaction is what's being judged. And your judgement is handed down second to last breath. Because up until then you can change your mind about your intention to our Father. You can come to understand this better if you read the letters on the internet from nurses who have been presant for the death of those patients they have been charged to take care of. Worst death bed passings, you'll find them. And you will find good one's as well. This is why your sincerity in your commitment to the Father and to honesty with him are so very important.)

    (Do not end your prayers with, Amen. To you, this has always meant the prayer has ended. And in that, your right. It's over. End your prayers with, So Be It. This way the energy moves into the future. And it's the translation of, Amen, but in words that, as you understand, have a whole different meaning.)

    (Do not judge lest you be judged with the same measure. Meaning, when we judge we will be put in the same situation, doing the same thing that we were judging others for. Break all judgements through sincere intention. After all, people and situations change. So, let it be to you as this, "They are still alive." No further, for the Father has got this.)

    (Anxiety/Stagnation is common place with the Father. He gives us time for what he is teaching us to take it's place in our lives and become a living part of who we are before adding more of his wisdom to our mindset. If it were not so with man, what we learned would become buried under the new knowledge and become worthless.)