Kobe Bryant | This Is Why I Became Successful

Kobe Bryant | This Is Why I Became Successful

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  1. You think it’s easy to achieve your dream if your parents laugh at you and you work harder than everybody can imagne ? What is inside of you ? : Fear !!
    God told me : Fear kills hope and fear kills a person , you need stop fearing your challenges what maybe aren’t hard ! That’s what I learn … and Kobe told same : Be a better version of yourself !

  2. Amen!! Thank you Lord for waking us, thank you Lord for letting us make us through the weekend into the week. Thank you Father for all that you continue to do in our lives. We are blessed and Highly favored. Thank you Lord for giving us peace. Even when the world, family, love ones change and fail you never change Lord because you are unchanging your love can never compare to any other love. Thank you Lord for your grace, love, salvation and mercy. Have a beautiful week ahead my brothers and sisters in Christ.💙💙🙏🙏❤❤❤

  3. Kobe had much of his path layed out for him and had help along the way. He definitely wasn't like a Jordan or Iverson. Iverson was born to a 15 year old mother and didn't have a dad. Kobe was raised by an ex-NBA player. Kobe would never had made it if he was born Iverson. Period.

  4. In 2001 during the Finals. Kobe decided to take Iverson out, he picked him up in his Land Rover one night and kobe asked: "what you wanna do?? Allen was wanting the Night Club but Kobe's mind was on the GYM! That literally was the end of their Friendship BTW.. Today Kobe has FIVE Rings!!

  5. Be grateful for the people that you taught were being to hard on you at a time in your life they were teaching you to be humble at what God gave you something special you don't realize when you young my 8 grade football couch taught me how to be a blocker and not have to score all the touchdowns and he was the reason I was blessed to play my final football game with all my friends I grew up with as a grown adult I realize how God puts people in your life not to harm you or put you down but to make you better just saying thanks coach willhem Penn 8 grades champs 💯🤘

  6. Strong Mentality and athleticism is what all sports is all about. Nba is unfortunately for those kids who are taller than 6 "3.
    Sometimes I think this world is just an illusion of successful ppl sharing thier success in thier world and not ours..its just a motivational speech at the end..

  7. Kobe, was an all time Hero!!! A role model to all generations! He may be gone, but never forgotten! Always strive to be our best. That’s just what you did, my beloved brother! 👏🙏✨🙌🔥😇💫🩸

  8. 6 rings only player close to him is LBJ, Kobe was a Alpha Male he was very insipiring whether u 🏀🏀 like him or different aspects in Life R.I.P. MAMBA & Mambacita, Respectfully🙏🙏

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  10. Damn 2020. Losing Kobe still hurts, and also many others to the situation we are in.
    Can we have a rewind? Or God can give us strength, knowledge, and insight to forsee the future.
    Maybe Kobe gave so much because his time was short.