KEEP WORKING HARD – Best Study Motivation

KEEP WORKING HARD – Best Study Motivation

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  1. why do you talk so stressfully ? it should motivate us and push us up ? Talking as a politician, bringing your tone up and down…i dont know, maybe it works for an average american, i see through it and it irritates me. Why the Morgan Freeman click bate ? I really dont like this video even though some may find it i informative, i think everybody need to make these thoughts on their own, if you need to hear it to know it, than its not your own though and you dont feel it, you will not make it that way.

  2. I'm sad? my english is not good:'( and every single day, I gonna trying to improve, but isn't easy:"( and is very important for me to get a job:'( because in my country is so hard to have a job;"( I wan to help to my family and I grew up like a person ? be someone in this life ☹️ please, someone can help me to improve my english;'( I be able to get a job??

  3. Thank you. Thank you for changing my life. Making me better person. I started watching this channel in the summer break. Then i just told myself "i will study this year. its going to be different. i won't be the lazy student studying in the last 5 min before the exam". And i did. Its almost the end of the school year and i became one of the smartest students in the class. Im getting the high grades, that before now i only could wish i had.