Is This Cheating? “Little Known” Biohacks

Is This Cheating? “Little Known” Biohacks

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“It Will Make You Superhuman”
Special Thanks to Mindvalley for this amazing speech!

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Speaker : Ben Greenfield

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  1. Elizabeth Bathory bathed in the blood of children to maintain her youth.
    My point is that anyone telling you to consume a victim fir your heath may be technically correct that you will look or feel younger…but I won't be able to take them seriously ever again. Some things you just don't do because they are inherently WRONG.

  2. This is just Indian yoga and yoga Asanas. I welcome you to India, practice and explore all this stuff like every household uses leaf tulsi in their tea. We do yoga and breathing exercises since time immemorial.

  3. In each moment of your life your mind can either be aware of the open freedom of the present moment or identified with the stream of thoughts and memories from the past that constantly condition us. In each moment these two possibilities emerge together, which is why in Tibetan Buddhism it is called, "Co-emergent Wisdom", because in every moment that emerges, you always have the possibility of remembering to not identify with your conditioning and, rather, through a small act of choice to exist in The Present. All meditation etc. would be a support for that basic practice. The reason being, as I heard one teacher put it, that's a place from where real enlightenment can take place.This understanding was first really packaged for the world by Buddhism, (although it is implied in the older Indian texts called the Upanishads). It was brought to America in the early Twentieth Century by the controversial, Sufi-influenced teacher, "George Gurdjieff" who first succinctly described the two possibilities as being either, "Awake or Asleep."When I first got interested in these ideas in 1977 trying to understand them–really understand them–was like panning for gold, an arduous task where every little helpful insight was marveled over and appreciated.That's why it's so great these ideas are going mainstream. I like Deepak Chopra and he's really written a good book that describes this basic but subtle truth using a lot of interesting examples and entertaining scoops of various scientific findings.I like it. I got it on Audible and really enjoyed it.

  4. I was having some trouble recently calming the voices in my mind during my morning meditation. him has a wonderful Scottish accent and a very calming voice. Thanks to his meditation CD's I have gotten back on track and feel a big difference in my meditation practice.

  5. The green/blue light glasses seem interesting, I have narcolepsy so wakefulness is a major issue for me, I use a daylight lamp to help me wake up in the mornings if it's dark outside. If the glasses could help me by even 5% that would be a major improvement to my life.

  6. In case anyone else had to rewind it seven times to get the spelling of the breathing buteyko 2:26… this guy is actually really good he was on Tom Bilyeu and a few other things I've caught.

  7. Bunk, pseudo science and snake oil. I can't believe people believe half of this stuff. It was basically an infomercial for the gadgets and supplements he makes money from.

  8. Just one segment of the video:
    1. Become a fat burning machine.
    2. You get up in the morning and you're in a fasted state. When you're in that fasted state, do anywhere from about 20 to 30 minutes of any type of aerobic exercise. Not cortisol, stress producing exercise, something very easy.
    4. Finish with two to five minutes of cold exposure.
    * For a bonus you can have a little bit of caffeine to enhance your fatty acid utilization.

  9. Biohacking can be described as citizen or do-it-yourself biology. For many “biohackers,” this consists of making small, incremental diet or lifestyle changes to make small improvements in your health and well-being.