Is Fear Ruining Your Life? | Tony Robbins

Is Fear Ruining Your Life? | Tony Robbins

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What stops us from moving forward? Fear. If you’re an achiever you probably call it stress. Stress is fear. We all experience fear in some context during our lives: fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of love, fear of being alone, or fear of the unknown. In fact, it’s hard-wired in all human beings — nothing we do in our lifetime will take fear away.

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Tony Robbins is a #1 New York Times best-selling author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. For more than 37 years, millions of people have enjoyed the warmth, humor and dynamic presentation of Mr. Robbins’ corporate and personal development events. As the nation’s #1 life and business strategist, he¹s called upon to consult and coach some of the world¹s finest athletes, entertainers, Fortune 500 CEOs, and even presidents of nations.

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  1. The real challenge there is to give the fear you turn on itself momentum and immediacy. Because if you say :" If I don't ask for that raise, I'll end up being broke", your fear will tell you "Yeah.. but how about doing it tomorrow ? First have a bite or two so you can go into the race with more strength… first… first…

    My question to Tony would be : How give it momentum and immediacy??

  2. People don't wanted to fear, instead getting more fear as they are unable to do things but becoming immobilize by it everyday. Once they don't experience something good in life, they found it is hard to do the things better uncertainty it is the fear.

  3. After being on you seminar UPW-VIRTUAL, last weekend, what you explained in this video wasn't that clear as it is now to me.
    "Dancing with your fear".
    Day 3, Transformation, still beating high in my heart.
    Today my 4th day priming, it is not easy make a change, create a new habit, but is a MUST now for me and my children, my family and, ultimately, my community!
    Thanks @Tony Robbins!????
    Loads of love ?