If You Want To Become Successful OVERNIGHT – WATCH THIS!

If You Want To Become Successful OVERNIGHT – WATCH THIS!

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  1. Eastern Indians are a mixed bunch.
    Some are lovely people you can trust right out of the bag. Others you have to watch your back from the first moment.
    With a country having over 1.3 billion souls, this makes perfect sense. How could everyone be completely trustworthy? So we Westerners have to tred lightly.
    I knew an Indian man who purported to be a friend. We even had dinner together once, his treat. He wanted me to visit his family in Kerala province.
    But as time progressed, his true colors shown through. He wouldn't hire me to be a counter man at the convenience store he managed. He tried to sell me synthetic marijuana. While I still liked certain parts of his personality, I realized I couldn't trust or confide in him.
    What a shame. We had the makings of a great friendship.
    The point is, don't automatically trust someone because of her or his nationality. Get to know someone. Eventually, the real person will shine through.:)

  2. Just as it takes us all time 2 learn 2 walk, talk, eat, from birth always learning me even in death which is yet another lesson. 
    A Student of Life