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I AM ME. – Motivational Speech by Fearless Soul. Download or stream it now on:
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Transcript: https://goo.gl/PeoGf8
Speaker: Tryone Stokes – https://goo.gl/xHi7Fg


I will never pretend to be another. I will never want to be another. I will not change who I am just to fit in.

I AM ME. I am not perfect. But I’m working on myself. Working to become the best version of myself. I am working on myself, to continue to expand my own self, through my own work, in my own way.

I AM ME Not the ME you think I AM. Not the ME you want me to BE… Just ME. The one I want to BE.

I AM ME. I make my own decisions. I don’t follow. I walk my own path.

It’s not always easy, but I’d rather walk alone than walk with others in the wrong direction.”

Background MUSIC from the soon to be released “SOUNDS OF SOUL 4” album.
Created by Patrick Rundblad, for Fearless Soul

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  1. Subject: Talents & beauty 🍎
    Let's talk about the talented people. 🍇
    1. Remember, God has given each and every human being a type of talent which you can't imagine. 🍉
    2. God has not kept anyone without a talent. Some he has given the talent in Education. Some in professional career. Some with technical talents. Some with powerful talents. Some with brilliant minds. Some with pure minds. Some with writing poetry, quotes and proverbs, they were given good talents on that field. Some with talented speech and many more other talents that differs one another. 🍋
    3. God has given talents even to a beggar, needy people, blind people, deaf people by using hand signals, and to people who has no education at all. So we see that no human being is living without any talent. All humans are the talented people.🍍
    4. God has given extra talents and beauty for the birds he created. We can see the types of beautiful birds, its amazing colours, it's way of dealings and its melodious sounds that attracts our attention. Each and every bird has different types of sounds or songs that makes a pleasant voice. 🍎
    5. Also, God has created different varieties of flowers with amazing colours. Flowers are made to get relaxation for human nature and for all other flying creatures. In most flowers there is nectar for the butterflies and well as for the birds. They suck its honey or nectar and fills their tiny stomach. 🍑
    6. Then comes the natural waterfalls, botanical gardens, forests, sea, oceans, lakes, lagoons and rivers. Also the greenery areas that makes the nature beautiful. All these things are God's creations. 🍅
    7. In this world there are so many beautiful countries. Each country has different views, different cultures, different kinds of beautiful things, places of interest, marvellous sceneries, unbelievable waterfalls, mountains, peaks and jungles. Then the nature parks filled with animals therein.
    These things are seen in different countries around the world. 🍏
    The world is filled with beautiful sceneries and unbelievable views that gives us an unforgettable experience. 🥑
    Let's be a tourist, go around the world, enjoy the places of interest, get sufficient relaxation and pleasure, then save in our minds all the beautiful events we saw by our eyes. 🥦
    Let's write notes about this in our books as remembrance for the future. 🌽
    Have a nice day. Bye.👨‍💻
    Written by: Dawood ✍
    Date: 21.02.2022

  2. This is so powerful
    Just a few weeks a girl in school told me that she sometimes didn't like me because I'm most of the time happy and positive I told her I won't apologize for who I am

  3. World mein kitne log hai.. 2_4 char loge se mein change nahi hone waala.. Still ahead of 95 percent population.. N pls randi ke baal punjabi bengali up mulla ko mere se door rakho..

  4. Truuuuue ✅👌,be yourself don't let anything worry in ur life, u deserve the best💜💜
    plz always u smile,keep going bc u can do everything thinking to now, u'll get on everything u want it N u'll make ur dreams💜,just blieve yourself ❤👏
    be u 🤍🤍,nvm how think another bc u are u💜 not he or she
    now smile N begin from new ❤
    U'll succss. trust in my words ☺️👌