How to Start Your Awakening Process | Spirituality for Beginners with Eckhart Tolle

How to Start Your Awakening Process | Spirituality for Beginners with Eckhart Tolle

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How can we start our awakening process? According to Eckhart, a crucial stage in the process of awakening is developing a …

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  1. How does a dog not have an opinion of people.aDoea don’t like people who are bad to them and they can attack people through fear so don’t understand how dogs don’t have an opinion.

  2. The most esential thing about I is the thing that fulfills me and makes me who am I my other self ying yang or can be family for ordinary people to me is life partner that understands me like a twin… what means the sexses converge and make love like in the 5th element movie the alien learned about love… here on Earth you can meet alien and see what is like to make love to this alien ????

  3. Given the example of the dog, I often recognize universal consciousness in (especially) the eyes of animals, and other ‘quite’ innocent creatures. Eyes are the window to the soul, and, when not (yet) compromised by materialistic and/or egotistic pursuit, they mirror your inner and utmost self. Nature is intelligent, and (indeed) not a ‘random’ event.

  4. There is an energy field in my being, eagerly looking for your words. Every night before sleep I must listen to you. There is a story from persian sufi mystic that a sufi whenever wanted to listen to universe, he went to his teacher's room, sitting in silence and listening to the breathes of his teacher. The teacher out of nowhere started to speak without any reason. The teacher one time told the sufi whenever you come, I start to talk spontaneously out of nowhere, tell me your secret. The sufi said my secret is the whole existence. Whenever I want to listen to it, I come to you.
    This story repeats itself. The teacher is Eckhart and I am the listener. Eckhart 's words are exactly what universe tells me.

  5. “Knowledge does not speak to you at every moment, but it always holds a message for you. To come into the proximity of Knowledge means that you become more and more like Knowledge itself—more whole, more consistent, more honest, more devoted, more concentrated, more self-disciplined, more compassionate and more self-loving. All of these qualities are developed as you approach that which is the source of these qualities.” Steps To Knowledge “Today I feel the truth arising within myself.”

  6. Let me break this down as I see it.
    Quote; " dysfunctional relationship with yourself". The only time anyone feels dysfunctional with themselves is when someone tells them they have a dysfunction with themselves, such as this teacher is planting a seed that you are dysfunctional, when in fact you are never dysfunctional because the source of your imprinted knowledge as been keeping you the intelligent species functional since creation, if it didn't , the intelligent species would not have evolved.
    The source of your imprinted knowledge within will always be in relationship with your being, the very being that the source formed initially and it use's it's ego tool to connect to your brain the receiver/sender, both also formed by the source within.
    You have been awakened since your conception when the source formed the intelligent species at creation.
    This teacher does not have a clue how the source derived to form the intelligent species and therefore can only teach confusion. Quote; " pure sense of being", the source is not a sense of being, it is your very being and nothing spiritual about it.

    Never confuse your imprinted knowledge within with external beliefs. Your imprinted knowledge will tell you ( via its ego tool awakening process) that what this teacher is saying is pathetic and coming from a pathetic dysfunctional being, self inflicted.