How to Overcome Procrastination | Brian Tracy

How to Overcome Procrastination | Brian Tracy

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In today’s video, I’ll share 5 strategies you can use to overcome procrastination, even if you consider yourself to be a chronic procrastinator.

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  1. Good morning.. I'm Luvander Hollaway. I just watched the video on how to overcome procrastination. I'm an artist, I love the draw, and I have people that want drawings from me. I've agreed to those drawings, but those drawings have never come to existence because of the fear of me not being able to do it. I've had this fear in the past, but when I actually push through and did it, I realized that I was really good at it. Now a similar job, and my subconscious is thinking about everything that can go wrong with it, instead of how good it will look once I finish it. I've been procrastinating this art business for a few years now. I would have some glitches of motivation, but it will be quickly taken down by the fear of failing. After looking at this video, those simple steps that you suggest, really has me thinking differently now. Changing my habits or changing what I do first should I say, telling myself I can do it or getting the big frog out of the picture so that I can see the beauty of that frog on the other side. I just need to know what steps can I possibly take to keep me thinking like this. Do I need to change my scenery? Thank you for listening

  2. I have been putting off studying since 3 months for an exam and consequence of which I failed a mock exam.
    My actual exam is a few weeks away so I wish to not procrastinate and get my work done.

    Thank you Brian sir!

  3. I believe it’s great advice to just do it now… but it’s the whole priorities thing where I get lost. Yesterday’s top priority, or even the top priority from 10 minutes ago, seems to change frequently… but I thought you might like to know that I did set an alarm to “do it now,” for a project I had wanted to finish for months, and it’s going off this second, as I’m writing this; I’m going to do it right now.