How to Live with Integrity | Scooter Braun | Goalcast

How to Live with Integrity | Scooter Braun | Goalcast

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  1. Nice snowflake story, truth is you are successful thanks to your small community of very well connected people. Obviously won’t name who they are.
    It’s not nice to sell dreams, you’re just leading ordinary people to guaranteed failure.

  2. Even though your story is inspiring but fucker bullying is wrong you asshole,the thing is the manupulative mature of yours just makes my blood boil man literally even though you made many singers but you lack the very thing your father said to you . I appriciate you on your crit.pts bug man you lack values ????????????????????????

  3. Integrity?! He has NONE. If he has any, then give Taylor back her masters you can even sell them to her. She HERSELF stated she was never given the chance to buy back her masters and she was willing to pay any price for her masters and YOU came and snatched them up. You are a greedy bully who hides his wicked ways behind your "contributions" to society and famous clients. You bullied Taylor and that is disgusting. Your wife even had the audacity to comment that Taylor is a bully, a completely false statement. Taylor has been back-stabbed by many including some of YOUR own clients and her old record label. She also addressed the Kimye recorded phone call, which was recorded WITHOUT Taylor's consent and was EDITED to make Taylor out to be the bad guy. Guess what, you knew about the phone call and YOU are the bully. You talked about getting death threats ( which are NOT ok no matter who they are directed towards) but do you realize Taylor has gotten many death threats as well? Especially when your then client Kanye West's wife decided to leak an EDITED clip that YOU knew about. You complained about making the issue public. If she had not, she would have been complicit and let you get away with what you did. Taylor has been transparent with this whole process, stop trying to cover it up to make yourself sound like the good guy. You cannot say you have integrity at all.

  4. So powerful…it’s often in the most hopeless times in life where we find meaning if we just hold on! Surviving cancer was the toughest thing I’ve ever been through but would I have rather not gone through that? No. Thank you for inspiring.

  5. Integrity is one of the few things that can never be taken from you, but which you can give away in an instant if you are not careful. And it may take a lifetime to recover…

  6. Demi, Justin, Ariana, etc. *should be careful*, these kind of ????managers???? don't care about you and your mental health, they just want you to be quiet while they take advantage of your talent…

  7. Hello! I would like to ask you for help. Can you ask Justin Bieber to record a video of congratulating my close friend. She turns 18. She adores Justin, he is her idol since the age of 10, she has things with DREW, with Justin himself, her whole room is plastered with posters of him, she knows all his songs and albums. She is also a believer, like Justin himself, he preaches about God, and she admires and loves him more and more. And I would like to surprise her in the form of video congratulations from Justin himself. I would be very very grateful to you if you could convey this to him, since you are his manager and a good friend to him. My friend Liana has a birthday on August 17, I ask so early because you can hardly answer me very quickly, but I believe and will pray about it! Please, please, I will be grateful if you can answer me!

  8. It's being a Sheepdog. do right when others don't. Put this on another post but it fits here too: Have you ever been in the position where you are doing the right thing and everyone else isn't? That's being a Sheepdog. What is hard for the Sheepdog is that the path it takes is usually where one walks alone. This was this week's topic for my own subscribers but it fits here too. The Sheepdog will suffer. Here is how you alleviate that lonesome walk of doing right. You look at the other dogs in the kennel. Eliminate the ones that don't know what they are talking about. That's 50% gone. Then the ones who are afraid to hunt. Another 25% gone. Then the ones who hunt but only for themselves–another 20% gone. The 5% left are the Sheepdogs. They aren't allowed near the kennel because the other dogs start snarling and barking. Why? Because the Sheepdog makes 50% look unintelligent, 25% look cowardly and 20% selfish. So the Sheepdog is condemned to walk the ridgeline alone. But the key to inner peace which took me 15 years to realize in the corrupt healthcare field I practice in is this: realize you can't make a regular dog into a Sheepdog. You don't get angry, you treat them with indifference. And you will see that other Sheepdogs will periodically pass you on other ridgelines. And others will gravitate toward you as well–because people would rather you hate them then not acknowledge them at all. And some will possibly get a little better. Hope this helps someone out there—Charles