How To Eliminate Stress And Anxiety FOREVER | Srikumar Rao

How To Eliminate Stress And Anxiety FOREVER | Srikumar Rao

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Stress is illusion of control. We think we are all good once we think we have control. When we don’t have control; we think we are losing. However, we NEVER had control and we NEVER will.

In this talk from Mindvalley Reunion 2018, Srikumar Rao discusses how we can eliminate stress and anxiety from our lives, think differently and in essence, become a radically different person.

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  1. This is a great video. For us Muslims, control is not in the hands of humans, like you said, but furthermore what helps with stress is knowing that everything we do, we do it as part of the cause and effect paradigm, except that the effect part is not solely depending on the cause, the effect is only triggered by the cause but it’s finality and realization is up to God, Allah or a high power depending on what the readers believe. As such, we have no control over outcomes but we have the free will for our own actions although don’t solely realize the wanted effects.

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  3. Watched countless Ted Talks..listened to a lot of lectures, meditated, listened to a lot of spiritual people but this is IT…really needed this as I have spent years feeling like I am at crossroads not deciding which way to go

  4. THIS! This speech of this guy is so so so point on! He really knows EXACTLY what he is talking about and how to change most negative personality traits, and i admit i am a type A person who still has difficulty truly feeling gratitude instead of simply thinking it. This video deserves to have a LOT MORE audience, views and impact on so many people massive thumbs up

  5. 1)Mental chatter

    2)Mental model

    3)Others centered (life) mental attitude.

    4)"Good thing, Bad thing, Who knows?"

    5)Invest in the process, not in the outcome.

    6)Benevolent Universe

    7)Feed dog[Good] ,not the wolf[bad]

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