How to Become an Effective Sales Manager in 3 Simple Steps | Brian Tracy

How to Become an Effective Sales Manager in 3 Simple Steps | Brian Tracy

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Being a sales manager is a team activity. Develop these three simple skills to become a truly effective sales manager and lead your team to success!

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00:00 – Intro
00:57 – Be Results Oriented
01:53 – Provide Your Team with Training
03:04 – Seek Out Opportunities for Growth

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  1. Brian tracy, I have a question to ask from you
    I want to be a author one day and I have already written a book and others say I am very good at it
    but the problem is there are many author s in this world and will people read my books one day?
    I also should learn another language to write and the problem is I can Read any book in that language but it is hard for me to write in that language.
    I want a reply from you ?..

  2. Here are my 10 extra tips to INCREASE your daily manifestations that I’ve learned over the years..??

    1. Practice gratitude every morning. When you wake up, list everything that you are grateful for and feel that gratitude in your core. Feel free to write things down in a journal so it is easy for you to remember.
    2. Replace your negative thoughts with positive ones. Every time you feel a negative thought coming on, make a positive spin on it right away.
    3. Take ownership for things that happen in your life. It's easy to blame others however you will feel much better when you realize that most issues stem from us.
    4. ALWAYS believe that good things are about to happen. By being open to new possibilities you are inviting abundance into your life.
    5. Remember that like attracts like so you get back whatever you put out, whether it is good or bad. So do good AND received good.
    6. Meditate for five minutes a day. During this time focus on how you want your life to be; but place your focus on how you feel AND feel that feeling as if you have already accomplished those goals.
    7. Step outside of your comfort zone. Stop playing it safe and make that decision to finally go for your dreams.
    8. Focus on activities that make you feel truly happy. When you are truly happy you have the best vibrational frequency to manifest your desires.
    9. Avoid the naysayers and surround yourself with people who only lift you higher. Downers will be downers, don't let them drag you into their misery.
    10. Don't be afraid to dream and know that you are always supported by the universe.

    Hope this helps!

    – Your Friendly Neighborhood Coach

  3. I think my biggest area of weakness is goal setting and accountability. How I could get better is having a transparent conversation about with the team about where we want to be and how we should perform and how we can get there. From there the things I teach them need to being forth results so that would require me to develop my coaching skills, listening to more calls, providing more feedback and helping them become problem solvers.