How to Access Your Personal Power to Create Results | Rajshree Patel

How to Access Your Personal Power to Create Results | Rajshree Patel

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this content ? it made me realize I am living in the B and it is about time I do something about it, I really appreciated this video as I needed to hear this ?

  2. Rajshree is the most rude and condescending person I've met in my tenure at the art of living in the past 10 years. Hope she can transform herself into a better person before she leaves this world. My advice is to practice what you preach. JGD.

  3. Your personal power is in your hand. This is not exclusive to just a few people, all you have to do is tap into this inner strength in you and create your desired results. Also, if you need help, call upon the help of your angels and they will gladly help you.

  4. I am Harinder Singh from mumbai I met this gujrati beautifull teacher Rajshree patel of art of living in sudarshan kriya course at palakot hall the age of 40 I met I am 67 .with the beutifull memory of her presence .divine energy in her oura and and divine contiosness..
    Namaste Rajshree ji..with my warm regards.thank you.

  5. Rajshree ji I see same energy in your presence .after 25 year.same beutifull gujrati teacher divine guru of art of living..with divine contiosness and divine presence.
    Dear you are divine nector of art of living..with the blessings of guruji .
    You are blessed.
    Thank you for this vidio ..