How great leaders inspire action | Simon Sinek

How great leaders inspire action | Simon Sinek

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  1. El mensaje del video es muy interesante, nos enseña que el progreso y desarrollo firme de una empresa no solo se basa en las ganancias económicas, sino en la huella y la imagen que construye una empresa. Tambien nos muestra la cara del consumidor contemporaneo, quien no compra un producto no solo por su utilidad, sino además por lo que el producto significa en nuestra vida y su impacto en el mundo, teniendo en cuenta los valores que comunica cada producto.

  2. Why wright brother thought of discovering aeroplane , martin Luther king led civil rights movement and apple becoming innovative day by day beside everyone can do?
    People don't buy what you do they buy why you do it

    If you don't know why you do it then why people will buy what you do it
    Recipe for success is money and right people at right work at right place

  3. Asked to watch this in prep for a work event. I don't get the accolades, most of his examples are bad. Apple for example, has cool stuff, but they're slow to bring new stuff to market. Android is often way ahead of them. See facial recognition. MP3 Players? He left out that part about Apple and Steve Jobs buying up the digital rights with the main labels to create a massive catalog before Dell or Microsoft.. was it innovative? I'd argue it was strategic, maybe that's the same thing. But is it based on values? No, it was based on controlling market conditions.

  4. People overvaluing intent is probably a large part of what is wrong with human understanding.

    Politicians sell us on their "intentions" quite often. But their execution is dismal. Even then, people buy their supposed intent.

  5. Obvious drivel. Impressed by his grift at least, got a bunch of suckers to listen.

    I am legitimately blown away by the number of people praising this as some divine revelation as though they had never put half a seconds thought into what marketing is.

    Rest is great man theory BS.