Going through a Dark Night of the Soul? Make Sure You Watch This! – Eckhart Tolle Explains

Going through a Dark Night of the Soul? Make Sure You Watch This! – Eckhart Tolle Explains

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Are you experiencing a dark night of the soul? Eckhart shares that he has experienced it himself and discusses how this is a great …

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  1. I have no purpose for living and I'm looking forward to death. There is no suffering when you are dead. When the brain shuts off thats the end and there is no suffering when there is no consciousness. I'm tired of being stuck in my body and being stuck on this earth. The dead people in the cemetary are lucky. Their troubles are over. I envy them.

  2. Don't get me wrong, I love mr.Tolle and he helped me with understanding alot about myself. But now, i can see that he's missing something. He's brain is relaxed, his mind is still and aware, but he's soul is empty!

  3. Careful there Eckhart, you look like you're revisiting that trauma of your souls dark night a little too fully when you're talking about it. Like maybe you're not quite all the way out of it yet, still kind of on the slippery slope. Stay strong friend! To transcend completely I'm thinking it's necessary to have gratitude for everything, including the absolute worst you have felt and experienced. Even when we think we're finally there, we can slip backwards. It's pretty tough to be aware of it, and aware of how to re-emerge, so to speak. Stay strong all, it's hard but by no means out of reach! Regardless of how impossible it may seem at times. Also, learning about cognition and memory in regards to trauma can really help serve as a guide how to find our way out…

  4. You have arrived (and I found this and other of your videos…) at the perfect time, and told me what I was ready to and needed to hear.

    Thank you!

    And thank you for sharing your experience, the tracks of past pains that you show passing over your face.

    I feel company, solace, and sense a glee in the glint of your eyes bearing promise of what is to come.

  5. I went through this after my mum died and a number of other losses occurred. Totally withdrew and isolated from everyone and allowed myself to be with all the madness of grief and a myriad of other crazy emotions. I remember thinking at the time: how do I carry on living now? I don't know how to be in the world without these people! Looking back I realise a big part of me was dying… old me. I feel like a different person now. As if I've been reborn. It's a very odd experience.

  6. I wake up in dark nightmare. I go to sleep ok bit when up Ina nightmare where I've lost everything. Each lovely piece of me is just a disaster. I can't fix it and I can't enjoy it. I want to wake up happy.

  7. Dark night of the soul could refer to our search for God. Simply it means nothing, no taste for even prayer n anything else. There is a sense of deep peace n restlessness?

  8. 8:10 the Liberation masters of nath tradition create dark night of soul to shake you to awakening. Read Mast, by Mohanji. These are powerful Liberation masters who are not interested in our terrestrial needs. It's a powerful path. Mohanji says it's path of total dissolution. Not just self realization. When you on this path it's not experiences & sensations anymore, it's hard-core dissolution. ??

  9. I am in the middle of this right now and it's not nice to be me or around me. I have collapsed and everything I held high, any help would be greatly appreciated!

  10. I went through it …I believe….One thing I can see is when he says the concepts that we made reality are no longer reality for us….How he was able to explain it was deep-and you can't explain it away.

  11. Dark night of the soul is the best thing ever happened to me. It is dead right to say it was “ego death”.
    It led to mild depression but I was tired of being strong so being fragile was very comfy.
    It just removed the false attitude of ego.

  12. God specifiley made you to live for him. Its like father who's child is obiedient to him, father will reward him and be nice to his child, but if child is disobiedent there is a lesson for child to learn. Folks this God is Jesus Christ. I was depressed, with no purpose, thinking about to end my life before i got saved by Jesus Christ. If you are in simular situtation pray to God, pray to Jesus, get saved. It costs you nothing. Humble yourself before Jesus Christ, read KJV Bibele, Believe it, Obey it. Lake of fire is real and is hungry for disobedient souls.

  13. Just passed that Night?after my wife wanted separation. With 77 years being on my own brought all kind of deep thoughts and feelings as Eckhart describes here (suicide, killing, hopelessness…) and suddenly one day it’s all gone and and calm is the new reality. Doing what to do, or later, or not, just be with mySelf?

  14. This life has been so difficult. I yearn for an awakening in my soul. I just feel lost and alone. But I am trying. Through it all, I try. And I search for meaning. I hope, in time, I find what my soul searches for.

    Thank you, Dr. Tolle

  15. Everyone I loved or cared about left me deserted me broke my heart. And I nearly died in the desert but I'm still alive still going on until I'm done with my tour of duty

  16. Dark place can be a profound disappointment in the human race, secrets, judgements, ill stay with true loving peopl, the poor, others think they are better than some, a lot more are enlightened amongst the lower class than they realize & they should be doing everything to help others. Judgements

  17. Ego Death is NewAge deception. There is no separated ego. It's just ourselves in survival mode due to the wrong, evil laws of life.
    So obviously not ego death is te solution, but either changing the rules of life or lettting earth die. Forced collectivism like Tolle is promoting here, is part of the evil forces. Forced collectivism and hivemind has never been the solution, but has always been part of the problem.

  18. My dark night of the soul started after I got pregnant with my fourth child ..alone . For the fourth time I've let my low self esteem put me in situations that made my life even harder than what it is already being a single mother of 3 I allowed lust and temptation to yet again win. seeking out men to fill this bottomless pit of a void that i continuesly made that mistake not 1 ,2 , or even three times but four …I feel so empty .

  19. Does letting life do what it does mean accepting human injustices, cutting down rain forests and extinction of endangered species.