GO AFTER YOUR DREAMS – Best Motivational Video – Listen Every Day! MORNING MOTIVATION

GO AFTER YOUR DREAMS – Best Motivational Video – Listen Every Day! MORNING MOTIVATION

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  1. I needed this so much! I am in a very dark place today. I try and try to make my wife happy, but if I don't do a chore perfectly, she always points out the little things that I did not do. This video made me realize that I can no longer allow her negative comments to affect me in this way. I know I need a thicker skin, but how do I do this?

  2. Wanted to say thank you! Thank you for this channel, it's helping me to get motivated when I feel like it's impossible to go on. I know I'll never give up on my vision, no matter how many times I get knocked down. Thank you Motiversity.

  3. I hate school so damn much, not because it’s boring, nor because I have no friends, but because it lowers my self esteem and it makes me want to kill myself. I’m failing, I feel like a failure, I am a failure. I have no future. I thought I’d started this new semester with positivity but it’s gone now. I just hope I make it through this year because it’s harder than ever. I’m not good enough, I try and I fail, I fall and I cry, but I get right back up and the cycle continues, I just can’t keep on going anymore. It hurts.

  4. Young man speaking about basketball, we all have a choice. Yes by being African American it’s a little harder. But that does not mean that you cannot run in the game. Get in anyway, try your hardest. And you’ll find out that what is for you is for you. No one can take away the gifts and talents you have to offer the world. So go out and become all you can.

  5. I had a reunion in my dream with some my old classmates. Even my bully was there. They all said they accomplished there dreams and had a happy and successful life and I was just sitting there. Saying to them that I'm still working on it. But we ware 30+ years old. I hadn't accomplished nothing. Not even new friends.
    Then I woke up in a body of an 23 year old with the knowledge of an 16 year old. I didn't go to school most of my life. So my dream was pretty accurate.

  6. My life long dream was to play football. After 2 years of not playing due to picking a college that did not have an option of that, I started over a university that did. Yesterday was the try-outs, but unfortunately I didn't make the team. Instead of being like everyone else who didn't make it and just sulk there and whine, I am now planning on how to improve to ensure I make it next year. I contacted an old coach in hopes to get training and I'm planning to join an adult league to refine my skills. Next year I will be an entirely new beast.

  7. Much appreciated. This is definitely one of the best deep thought process video I've ever watched or heard in a longtime. Thank you. May this find you clarity and vision. Let's go. ???‍???????

  8. I'm 13 and I want to be a singer when I'm older.i have been builled and abused and it has led me to wanting to die and continuesly worry about everything . I would always ask myself "why am I trying I can't do this" or "maybe I should listen to what my parents said stop trying" well my music teacher has been the only person who actually understands me and he has kept me going even when I'm at my dark place. Go for your dreams don't listen to what the negative people say think about you. Do it for you .