Five Ways to Rise Above a Hard Time | Robin Sharma

Five Ways to Rise Above a Hard Time | Robin Sharma

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  1. Dear Robin thank you for these videos! Do you have any words on desicision making? Especially on days when there is no pain to leverage on. On an OK day. When nothing feels urgent, but you know you should not be being complacent but can't decide what to be non complacent about?

  2. i love youyr work…but you dont say clearly HOW??you say led it serve you,but how can pain serve us?….i agree better not escape from it…but how ir serves me?how to use it in a productive way didnt get clear to me…someone did??

  3. If you see this, I need you to stop and say a small prayer for me. My name is Shayna, and I’m trying to get as many ppl as I can to help me rebuild my energy. Thank you all so much.

  4. Multumim dragă Sharma pt tot binele , toata bucuria si energia pozitivă benefica ce o aduci in viata noastra .?? Te iubim❤❤ si apreciem tot ce faci , te susținem si iti suntem alaturi la fiecare pas ❤❤???

  5. Let me put it in my words rather than his flamboyant words to show off…
    1. Gratitude, daily , especially you alive
    2. Everything is temporary, relish it
    3. If you get thru hell, just keep going
    4. Appreciate everything , every adversity has a seed of a benefit
    5. Look at the sky and laf …lol
    5. I stopped watching lol

  6. بعد الإستماع إلى حلقاتك لا يسعني إلا أن أقول لك : شكرا لك من الأعماق يا سيد Robin Sharma . . .دائما لا أجد الكلمات الملائمة لشكرك على هذه النصائح الثمينة . . .
    I don't know if you understand arabic . . but .i have to improve my english to start writing my feelings in this beautiful language . . .
    Improving my english will be my 1st challenge to. help me interact. With. Your courses more easily . . .
    شكرا لك على هذا الدرس الرائع . … .

  7. thank you for your inspiration over the years! I have been going through some major changes in the last year… & came across your videos. I felt motivated to move on, but noticed my feelings (disheartened) when you said …"seek perspective- how could this be worse,. if no one has died"… my daughter passed away a year ago, and 6 mths later my husband passed away. I am spending a lot of time alone… sitting with what I'm feeling. I have practiced mindfulness & meditation for over 20 yrs, listened to many great teachers, such as yourself…. just wanted to share my feelings.

  8. agree 100 percent about child hood , thanks to my brother younger who got me to understand what life is all about, as i got comfortable and trusted him which was a mistake

  9. Death isn't always a bad.

    There is really only one way to die for the dying; having the main power circuit being pulled doing what we do(yes, getting to say goodbye to loved ones would be nice, but that isn't the way the other ways happen. Generally.)

    There isn't a great way for the living, with exceptions to the rule, to let go of the dying; it's all [this world] selfish. A human-condition condition.

  10. I've heard your name from a person coming from hell. I think I'm a natural in terms of perspective, because of that i help that person get out from her hell from can't buy a kilo of rice to make millions. Then greed came control doubts then i became the devil of threat of the so called wealth they gain so i was casted a way. Literally to the point of i have to be far away from my kiddos and family. It tore my family apart i was in hidden cave for no penny at all. Did not eat for 65 days just water because there's nothing i can afford but i have internet ??phone and i bump you, this video that time i can only understand "Feel it to Heal it" 1 year passed i did very slowly gain back a little bit of courage to face the sun again even im in my cave hiding. cause i got no one willing to be my hero. All my friend they all sucked me up including the father of my kiddos and i let them used my sunshine and allow them t0 dim it. I was too optimistic that i couldn't see evil-misfortune surrounding me. Too optimistic-perspective should i say whatever is impossible i can make it possible because i came from nothing i grew up nothing just the willing to learn or should i say iam such an empty cup. 2021 ive got a chance to see the sunlight again. was able to move out my self from that cave to a tiny room determined to gain back my self confidence find courage everyday while pulling miracle. Its hard because the world is so slow very hard as covid taking control. Perspective. Wait & heal. 2022 my brother who is such a pure heart with life misfortunes over his shoulder died in a 2 bullet shot as war on drugs going on and from my other sibling their marriage life was like amber heard & johnny deep situation only their not famous somehow pure hatred can go so far. I lost a dear sibling from sources of hatred people just a couple of days ago…and @RobinSharma i dont want to bump of all name like yours, because I have two robin prior to my exile but that two robin crushed my spirit to the core 1 my birth life to adolescents the other my career. I did excel after all though. Iam now at my mourning stage…and you show up and here Iam again "Feel it to Heal it" to the core you are very right. Crying while typing I have visions but damn who am i! why cant hell let me lift up my family give them a little heaven on earth. I know i will get through with this. I just want to say THANK YOU❤ THANK YOU❤ THANK YOU❤ i will fight no matter what. Crawling and will keep doing that until i can bend my knee then stand up…then take one step …another step and another then walk..then run.. then fly. One day.