Fishers: Matthew 4:19 – with Nick Vujicic

Fishers: Matthew 4:19 – with Nick Vujicic

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Nick Vujicic challenges us to be fishers. God is preparing the hearts and minds of people around the world to hear His message of love. Jesus said to them: “Come, follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men” (Matthew 4:19). Are you ready to help cast out the net?

Because right now from the bustling cities of Los Angeles to Moscow, New Delhi, India, Kenya, Beijing, China—God—everywhere around the world, is preparing the hearts and minds of people to hear His message of love. And there is an ocean right in your own backyard. I mean, all you have to do is cross the street to find out people in desperate need, who really need the Good News, the Gospel, and the redemptive power of the love of God!

But we sit in the boat, and we don’t even lay our nets down. We don’t even have a net that’s been wet yet! We see people swimming by our boats and instead of being fishing, we’re being passengers on a boat. If we only started fishing, our churches would not be empty. They would be overflowing. You see, unless we actually put our nets in the water, we’ll never catch anything, and we’ll never truly be fishers of men.

That’s why we need you. We need you to help us bring in the multitudes of men and women ready to receive the message of salvation. Life Without Limbs is putting a new “tackle box” together, and we want you on our team to see many people—a whole generation—be caught up in the love of Jesus and become true followers and disciples of Him. There is a whole ocean of hungry people waiting to hear the Good News of Jesus, and all we have to do is start fishing. Are you ready to cast out the net?

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  1. Amen. Every Christians should be fishers of men. There were many people I know who were Christians but did not tell me about the gospel. But I'm glad God saved me now

  2. Thank you for this beautiful message from God. And above all thanks for catching and saving this fish four years ago. My life has changed and I'm so blessed with this. Thank you special man of God and thank you for this overwhelming love, trust and rest in my new life. Thank you Jesus ?

  3. Even though you don't have limbs BRO YOU CAN DO LOAD OF THINGS YOUR SO LUCKY YOU GET ANOTHER CHANCE TO HAVE LIMBS ppl are working on robictic limbs that you can operate with your mind…my dream is to do that same thing I want to created technology to help people and ascend the meaning of creation

  4. This is amazing.. every time I can I help everyone… the homeless and needy… those with anxiety and depression… I help everyone I can… this made me feel better.. and it reminds me why I do wut I do.. thank u Nick.. God bless ur heart and soul.. I can't wait to see u in heaven.. and ik God can't wait too^^<3

  5. Yes I feel like being nice isn't enough. I want to do more. I pray that GOD gives us all the heart, the courage, the Faith, and the wisdom to expand HIS Kingdom❤️???????

  6. what an inspiration , I live near the ocean in the UK & Nick just said it , I visit Morocco also & near the ocean there too. I really need to Go OUT more , so I'm going today now, because God has just spoken to me & I must obey, thanks Nick.

  7. Nick,idk if u will read this or not ,but seriously u have changed my life a lot , i may fail again and again but i will try not to loose hope because ik god has a plan for me. I am in highschool school rn but i promise the day i start earning well,i will try to donate to ur company as much as possible, thanks and stay blessed, u r a true inspiration

  8. Hello sir! I don't know if u will be reading this or not but u literally are amazing…..I don't know if i could learn the whole thing but from now I am not going to be sad for anything in my life and that's a gift from you…thanks!!….sir if u can live without limbs and be happy and make others happy as well….I will try my best to be happy and turn everyone happy in this world…I will inspire more than you sir?…..see i am happy?and will be happy forever because of you….I am going to finish my studies as soon as possible and we will meet soon….stopped watching motivational videos?….this thing is coming from within and will never wash away….love u sir?

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