Finding Inner Peace During Stressful Times | Q&A Eckhart Tolle

Finding Inner Peace During Stressful Times | Q&A Eckhart Tolle

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“I Can’t Find Inner Peace Amidst Global Insanity” – This is the question Eckhart answers in this video. Understanding the global situation and looking for good things instead can help you to find peace and awareness despite the problem surrounding you. Subscribe to find greater fulfillment in life:

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  1. There is much truth in what he says as sensitive people often feel existential guilt if they are happy with others suffer., However, I think he missed a significant part of what the questioner was asking and the questioner may even have felt 'blamed' for his or her own empathetic pain. Those people who are inherently sensitive often unintentionally imagine/feel the pain of others and there is no experiential difference between imagined pain and real pain. It all comes down to neurons firing. The mind may know the difference between the situations but the 'brain' sets off a cascade of biological reactions regardless. I think perhaps this person is crying out for help to know how it is possible to turn off these overwhelming feelings which just happen without any conscious intention.

  2. Rubbish. These guys along with The Dali Lama are said to be the top spiritual leaders. They're a let down with poor advice. There is an apathetic response to this kind of belief, like with the New Age to what is going on in thw world, if we are not part of it and not meant to respond to it, then why be here. Sure have the time when you let go of worry, fear, ect….but there has to be spirtual action too. And why the advice they always offer is so passive and involves doing essentially nothing seems very irresponsible. They aren't leaders, they are pedlers.

  3. The trouble for me is that my ego says I should feel pain for the suffering of others or i'm: uncaring, psychopathic, uninformed, naïve, callous. But perhaps it's worse to suffer needless pain – it's not helping – better to be peacefully aware. If I was the person being tortured, i wouldn't want my torture to torment the peace of others

  4. Thank you Eckhart , so very helpful ?
    I also try and remember
    " I could see peace instead of this" A quote from A Course in Miracles.
    Much love to all?

  5. If we are here to reach spiritual awareness and maturity why did we ever bother to manifest in the physical? To experience suffering and pain? Why? If the spirit world is where we find everlasting joy why do we subject ourselves to this realm only to pray/meditate on getting back to where we came from? What is the point?

  6. True wisdom, gently shared. So… we have no excuses.
    Inner peace – just do it, or at least strive for it.
    What a better world if we would all just try.
    Starting here. Starting now.

  7. Can you help anyone with your unwillingness to enter inner peace and awakening?
    All real changes in spacetime entail changes in consciousness.
    Jesus talked of the parable of people refusing invitations to a feast. “Let me sort out some earthly matters first”. There is nothing to sort out in spacetime. It's all within.
    Thanks Eckhart. ?????☯️????

  8. If we saw someone very unconscious and mind-sick in the process of torturing and killing others, and we had the power to stop that abuse by killing on the spot this unconscious person, what should and would we do? I think we all know. Does Eckhart though? The unwillingness to change from within works both ways …