Find Strength in Your Struggles Through Storytelling | Dr. Neeta Bhushan

Find Strength in Your Struggles Through Storytelling | Dr. Neeta Bhushan

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In this video, Dr. Neeta Bhushan beautifully explains how the key to higher self esteem and self love lies in fully accepting your story. ? Listen to even more soul-stirring wisdom from all of our amazing authors here ?

And if you want to know…

? How to be happy
? How to love yourself
? And how to achieve your goals for personal growth

Then Dr. Neeta Bhushan says the greatest step you can take towards cultivating self compassion is owning every single part of your story (mistakes included). ?

And when you come from a place of love for everything that’s happened in your life, then positive thinking and a powerful growth mindset will just come naturally. ✨

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  1. Hey guys many prayers and blessings to you guys love your channel love the difference you guys are making very positive uplifting awesome content just please have one request your channel it is already so grown is a big channel please stop bombarding YouTube video commercials is a humble request it really gets annoying especially people with fake meditation that I can see through I’m a very energy filler kind a guy what I’m trying to say is the people few people on your channel do you introduce good people but you also have to do some fake people which is really disturbing especially how to mess with peoples energy or how Play with energy and the more you meditate it’s Less likely you will make a mistake lol and all that kind of crap you guys are such a good channel by showing those kind of advertisement you are destroying yourself and creating a wrong path for yourself mind Valley is an awesome channel I’m a big follower no hard feelings I hope you understand what I’m trying to say maybe my words might not come right but U get the point there’s a lot of good contents on your channel but there’s some bullshit stuff too it’s not all about money you want to make a difference the money will come to you brother love and light many prayers and blessings sorry I’m driving so talk texting if something doesn’t sound right my apologies love you all?❤️❤️➡️???❤️❤️❤️??❤️❤️???❤️❤️??????

  2. Everybody loves the channel it’s awesome just stop bombarding us on every other channel with your commercials about fake energy workers and fake meditators you’re mixing it up and you gonna lose a lot of audience is a humble request stop bombarding us with your commercial on every channel on every video vlog thanks ?

  3. Hey Mindvalley. I tuned into your channel from the ads of your masterclasses, and i noticed that the ad for goofficial.kevindavid is pretty much a complete rip off of Vishen's masterclass ad. I think it's close enough that you could consider legal action, but idunno. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks

  4. Hello mindvalley,
    I almost watched most of your video
    And I loved superbrain of jim kwik
    Away from that I loved the the background music.

    Can you give the name of music mindvalley use.