EXPECT IT Les Brown Live Call – Sept 9 2019

EXPECT IT Les Brown Live Call – Sept 9 2019

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  1. Les Brown , you are an amazing speaker.. you always find way of choosing the right words needed to uplift and bring meaning to people’s existence .. having heard your background and humble beginnings .. I salute you sir ..

  2. I was just thinking I need to hear something from Les brown and he was on line to day glad to hear this brother he is highly appreciated highly respected and well needed thank you Les Brown you are amazing.

  3. God wanted me to come across this video. My song is facing his 4th heart procedure and he’s only 2 …I was feeling down, worried and anxious…. Les helped me lift my spirits..thanks

  4. Mr. Les Brown, I have to say that you couldn't be more Fkn wrong when you blamed TRUMP for the Bahamas, when are people going to be held accountable? Mayor, someone who runs the island? Are you saying that rthe Bahamas was clueless and it's all on TRUMP? TRUMP is running the USA, not the Bahamas or Puerto Rico, ETC. Why blame TRUMP for the local leadership, WTFook. Is there anyone else besides TRUMP? What about the leadership in the region, area , neighborhood or whatever! I have listened to you for many years and you've proved the critics right- gosh darn. You pose a fighter mentality, Believe mentality and yet you blame TRUMP. I have to leave you now, cuz your weak. I put that on our lack of backbone for someone who Believes in their work. I'm Brown and Proud HOWEVER, I'm at a loss. The only motivation you provide today (after years) is to bail(leave-split w/)YOU and the blind fools or I mean tools. BYE now.

  5. Exodo 34:5-7

    5 Y El Senor descendio en la nube y estuvo alli con el, mientras este Invocaba El Nombre del Senor. 6 Entonces paso El Senor por delante de el y proclamo, El Senor, El Senor, Dios compasivo y clemente, lento para la ira y abundante en misericordia y verdad, 7 El que guarda misericordia a millares, el que perdona la iniquidad, la transgresion y el pecado, y que no tendra por inocente al culpable, El que castiga la iniquidad de los padres sobre los hijos y sobre los hijos de los hijos hasta la tercera y cuarta generacion.

  6. Exodo 3:11-15

    11 Pero Moises dijo a Dios, quien soy yo para ir a faraon y sacar a Los Hijos de Israel de Egipto? 12 Y El dijo, Ciertamente Yo Estare contigo, y la senal para ti de que Soy Yo El que te a enviado sera esta, cuando hayas sacado al pueblo de Egipto adorareis a Dios en este monte. 13 Entonces dijo Moises a Dios, he aqui, si voy a Los Hijos de Israel y les digo, "El Dios de vuestros padres me ha enviado a vosotros", tal vez me digan, "cual es Su Nombre?" que les respondere? 14 Y dijo Dios a Moises, Yo Soy El Que Soy. Y anadio, asi diras a Los Hijos de Israel, "Yo Soy me a enviado a vosotros." 15 Dijo ademas Dios a Moises, asi diras a Los Hijos de Israel, "El Senor, El Dios de vuestros padres, El Dios de Abraham, El Dios de Isaac y El Dios de Jacob, me ha enviado a vosotros." Este es Mi Nombre para Siempre y con El se hara memoria de Mi de generacion en generacion.

  7. Les Brown was a student of Jim Rohn, Jim was a student of Earl Shoaff, Real Shoaff was a student of Napoleon Hill. Reach one , Teach one… The cycle continues…

  8. Just found this WOW! God is so good that I landed upon this page. I have recently starting listening to Les and now I feel like my day is not proper when I do not listen to him daily as I have started to do within the last few weeks.

  9. Thank you Les Brown for motivating me to be successful in My Life and that I believe that I am a Rich and Wealthy Multi- Billionaire with a Fortune of Wealth of $$$600,000,000,000$$$ Billion Dollar and My Name is Timi that I am Bless By the Universe in Deed Thank you very much Les Brown.

  10. Thank you so so much.
    I stumbled upon this video and I needed to hear these words and I will replay this video because this message is exactly want I need. My daughter, my former job, my finances, etc etc
    These high points are things I’m going though even now….But God

  11. THE SOUND IS ALWAYS SO AWFUL! His message is too great for this, also it does not go with his brand of excellence! His message is new but this sound makes his message sound extremely dated. Definitely not up to par for YouTube or to get a young audience. I am a BIG fan but the sound makes the message too uncomfortable to listen to. Looking forward to more Les!❤️

  12. How about you address the situation now less what do you think about old Joe Biden
    The sooner that you understand that there is a Group of Globalist that literally want to enslave everyone digitally and Under the Skin If you are supporting the Democratic Party at this point you do not understand what is happening globally they are restructuring the contract with us with with us without talking to us Stop being a victim get up and do the next right thing