ELON MUSK: "This Will Happen Next"

ELON MUSK: "This Will Happen Next"

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“Is going to be necessary…”

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  1. How stupid are we? Destroy AI. Destroy these machines. We the people should stand up against the elect owning 90% of all money. They just want more money and more power. Universal income? Who are they to decide that! This will become world war 3.

  2. I think the revival of paper tanif or welfare will allow folks that aren’t mental mathematicians the opportunity too learn basic trading skill knowledge and a ubi that’s preposterous and beneficial to both side and it can be the nullification to electronic welfare ! It will also clear up precious data space

  3. So you think the jobs that are available bring dignity and meaning?! Many are demeaning. Why do you think work is meant to define a person? Humans are so weak and stupid.

  4. I thumbed down the video because it leans toward a negative perspective of the UBI idea. If we get free money we can use our hobbies and talents and ultimately discover our true selves without so much distraction. Get woke.

  5. I think a UBI should only be a temporary solution. Ray Kurzweil has predicted a technological singularity in 2045 and even without a singularity most jobs may have been replaced by then removing the need for money. And a UBI will I think still incentivize low income jobs because people will be able to keep both the UBI and the salary. For high income jobs an additional UBI doesn't make much difference.

  6. Coding should be required to pass high-school, thats the only way I think people will be able to recover from the 4th industrial revolution. We will always need humans to code robots, can't have robots coding robots because we all know where that leads. Sooooo, for every business that has ai, coders and mechanics will be needed.

  7. Every person should have the right to not starve and not sleep on the ground. The people in charge could make it safe for everyone, they just don't give a damn. UBI would only help the poor because it won't be enough to live on. At least they,ll be able to sleep at night thinking they did something.

  8. Capitalists: “People are naturally lazy and will never do any kind of work unless you hold the fear of homelessness over their heads!”
    Fanfic writers: “that’s adorable”

  9. I feel like people often forget that it's usually those who have achieved the pinnacle of Maslow's hierarchy of needs that they become self-actualized and therefore have desires or meaning manifested through what they don't have to worry about. If someone works cuz of a sole reason to pay their bills n rent n stuff then the society is actually going nowhere cuz who would want to be in that sort of situation and want to learn new skills etc? The richest people do "charitable" acts cuz they're already in a comfortable place. If everyone can have no worries about their basic needs then they would be bored and have desires to learn and also less stress to function as a individual in society.

  10. You know they say they want to have the Ubi because jobs are being lost to automation then they're worried about people not working because they're on Ubi what's with that I think they should be encouraged to keep up to speed and giving them Ubi

  11. The Alaska Permanent Fund was part of the Alaskan Pipeline agreement. The residents of Alaska get a yearly “dividend” from the oil that is pumped through that pipeline. It is sent out with tax refunds. I wouldn’t consider it as a UVI because that money is oil profit. The UVI that most people are talking about right now would be a loan, created out of nothing, but the interest from that loan (from the Central Banks) will be added to the National Debt. Nothing is free in this world. Nothing.

  12. I want free money!….y didn't any1 vote for the Chinese ceo lookin dude for president so everyone would get a grand every week, was it?….governments should send More stimulus checks like every month!….who's with me?

    …oh and I'm all for sex robots!….can't wait! Lol