Eckhart’s Perspective on Jesus's Teachings | Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart’s Perspective on Jesus's Teachings | Eckhart Tolle

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Learn the different views Eckhart has on concepts from the Bible and the teachings of Jesus in this compilation.

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It’s not easy to initially “get” Eckhart’s teachings. After all (like so many of us), you’re probably still trying to grasp these concepts with your egoic mind. That’s why it’s so important to have guidance, support, and encouragement as you step onto the spiritual path. At Eckhart Tolle Now, you’ll find an entire community of like-minded seekers who can help you answer questions, face challenges, and smoothly journey towards Presence.

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  1. Why every leader has a history? and why they always comes from like the oxbridge schools? and why they are not obey any divinity? and why they are trying to lead their own way? and what makes us being so soundless? is that everything okey about america? about world? If someone have kind of this counciousness she or he have to make something to the world. And we all know this way does not work to the bigger systems. And i know you will judge by the way 🙂 But we saw the islam and it is the last religion and contains all kind of kindness and justice and so many other good features about personalty but we are trying to build up a brend new religious by the these teachers so why? Didnt you read the life of Muhammed Prophet? He acted his entire life as perfect and mindfull and the other beautiful things that echarts trying to explane! But we are so interested in about rediscovering america! People are dying in africa! Just because england france and america! And our first purpouse if we woke up it havent not to wake up someone other as it have to challenge with governments and saying to stop this criminal and not legal status but we dont guess why? I heard so much about waking ups and kinda this stuffs. It really getting old scholl letters. I like your expressions echart believe me. But if you woke up you should think about the whole waking and its possible with islam. While everyone trying to win their here world they almost forgot the here after! And if you believe the here after you should know the fudgement day. And it information changes the way that we are living and thinking and feeling. But trying to build a new system hard as a impossible. The last probhet was Muhammed peace be upon him. And if someone searches about him she or he finds beautiful chest which is fulfill with georgeous miracles. But what we are doing is searching new ways. As if the right way wasn't shown. Believe or not you should think about what will be after i die ? Why am i here? Where i am going ? Who send me this land? And how can i learn these questions answers? Think about you are in a plane and woke up with some sound. You are looking around yourself and no one is there. What you will think? The questions that i typed of course. The only difference is we have so many person around ourselfs but again we have to learn answers and that is possible with searching about responsible persons which given this responsibility by the pilit of the airplane it equal the Allah-God-Creative. And we should obey the rules that he put. We should obey the acts that responsible prophets behaved. Etc. The solution is not only being awareness about our body and psychich system and our soul believe me! I have been taking these educations for months and i realised it helps soooo much yes but just up to a point. After death? Am i will try in the meditate in the grave? Or will wait the day of judgment? The second question determines the all of our desicions. May Allah helps us to find him way and his prophets way.

  2. I have found that Dimension within myself… The Medicine Men will agree to this statement.

    Lakota and many other Indigenous Leaders will also agree to this.. The shift is here.. The shift is NOW!

  3. Cherry-picking passages from the "Book of LIES", and looking for a deeper meaning in them, will not help anybody. Especially those that blindly believe in every word that is there. Blind belief in anything, even the TRUTH, is a POISON for consciousness. It is time for people to realize it finally, and dump all "holly books" for good.

  4. Thank you! Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth and the life and no one comes to God, except through me" Humanity has taken this to be an exclusive statement, but it is not. Jesus is the creator of all things and the Buddha, Mohammed and the Hebrew prophets all write of this.

  5. So important to hear this exlanation of kingdom of heaven of Jesus speaking. Light of consciousness is the analogy of the mercy and shines through us if we are connected with the essence.

  6. For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we did not preach, or if ye receive a different spirit, which ye did not receive, or a different gospel, which ye did not accept, ye do well to bear with him.

    2 Corinthians 11:4
    American Standard Version (1901) (ASV)

    you don't need to also drop comments on this post, instead, forget the dimensional Selfmade teaching this Guy feeds people on the net

    He sideways mentioning "Starwars" in part he mentioned " Where is God? " because he didn't know the answer.

    Here is the answer

    But will God in very deed dwell on the earth? behold, heaven and the heaven of heavens cannot contain thee; how much less this house that I have builded!

    1 Kings 8:27
    American Standard Version (1901) (ASV)

  7. It always amazes me how you explain to go beyond the noisy mind and touch the source. You want to tell people how to achieve within a short time, for what monks living in a monastery take several lifetimes. You are a good salesman selling your talks, but of serious spirituality that eventually reaches enlightenment after years and lifetimes of hard work you haven't got a clue. Again a lot of waffling but all going past the of the topic of your lecture.

  8. thank you eckhart…you have become my most count-on-able influence for keeping my frequency strong. as to G-d, i like to call THE BIG IT THAT IS, 'godness'.

  9. If we have personality, and even animals have personality – why would it be strange to assume that the creative force behind it all "God" has a personality and has personhood? Why assume that God is without personality and without personhood – isn't that limited in itself?

  10. It seems like find whatever he and many other people speak of is like 1000% crucial to the benefit of human life. Is there any kind of process where we can get everyone (including me) to find it in a systematic way? We don't need just a handful of people existing this way, we need a huge segment of people to experience this because it will completely transform our civilization and we won't be having monkey issues between each other. Really wish someone comes up with a way to streamline the process of people making this realization.. Is there a certain age where this is easier? Does a person need to go through a certain amount of pain before they can be ready to see this?

  11. Dear Eckhart Gurdjieff is not a Russian spiritual teacher. He is Armenian-Greek born in Armenia and he is the creator of the 4-th way. And the example about the essence and personality is from his disciples P.D. Ouspenski’s book The Psychology of Mans Possible Evolution.