Dr. Jordan Peterson Explains the Biggest Mistake People Make – Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life

Dr. Jordan Peterson Explains the Biggest Mistake People Make – Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life

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  1. "the fog that hides, is the refusal to notice-to attend to- emotions and motivations and the refusal to communicate them both to yourself."
    it´s so so incredibly important to speak up, to communicatie, to others but mostly to yourself. If you live without listening to yourself you just exists, for no reason.
    Awesome video!

  2. The biggest mistake you can make is listening to this negative nelly. He basically says that if you haven't done certain things by a certain age than you're a loser and you may as well give up. Absolute rubbish. Everyone follows a different life path. Everyone develops and learns at a different rate. It's the diversity of people and diversity of how people approach their life that makes everything possible, and makes the world interesting. If everyone followed this jerk's advice we'd basically be living in a world of robots where everyone just mechanically goes around doing everything right at the right time. The only time you should give up on your hopes and dreams is when you're lying on your death bed.

  3. Listen to the teachings of krishnamurti.. he’s saying the exact opposite than Jp.
    For Jp „meaning“ is the cornerstone of his life lessons and therefore wishes, desires, hope, failure are integral parts that go along with it. For krishnamurti or other spiritual teachers who are more in line with the eastern philosophy meaning or purpose is just an artifact created by humans to enhance their significance in a world of hierarchies. He doesn’t judge it as something „bad“ per se – but one rather should use purpose to understand and examine the motivation behind it only to realize that „what is“ or „I am“ is just fine and you don’t have to „be-come“ someone in the future. Maybe those two ways of thinking are just two sides of the coin. But I can imagine if someone only listens to Jp they feel worse especially the more introverted people as they might not have the capacity and/ or energy to implement his ideas in their lifes.

  4. I have never, ever, feel I desire something, that I want something.
    As far as I can remember the only thing I ever wanted was a girlfriend. But it was impossible for a loser like me.
    When I discovered that hope only makes it harder to cope with the inevitable failure of things I abandoned it.
    I wish I knew, what the hell it is that people see in life that could make it worth going through, because I see nothing. I see no reason for crawling out of bed every morning.
    I was only ever sure of one thing. This life is the true hell, and I'd rather not live it at all.

  5. It's why I will never allow myself to get into another relationship. I have come to realization that the other person is my true enemy; that is my own interpretation. I don't believe finding my purpose is worth the hell I have already been through. How do I carry on without a purpose, you say? We are all going to die one day and none of this will matter. As Smith said in The Matrix Revolutions, "The purpose of life is to end." That is my personal truth.

  6. This whole monologue is quite dark…the moral of the story is: get clear with yourself and your goals, talk things through with others, and get moving. As long as you're doing something, you're progressing.

  7. I have a warped sense of enjoyment in those negative feelings of self pity, anger, victimhood and repeated mistakes, and I keep going back to a past that no longer exists. Mostly because it garners attention (in the past). Its pissing off my family because its hindering self improvement (and the excuse-making).

    Am I the only one in it? Is there anyone else out there in the Youtube ether? Is this something to be embraced and accepted as unchanging, or is there a way out of this?

    How do we label this?
    Hurry- before I sell myself out to The Devil.