Don’t Forget to Be | 20 Minute Guided Meditation with Eckhart Tolle

Don’t Forget to Be | 20 Minute Guided Meditation with Eckhart Tolle

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In this 20 minute guided meditation, Eckhart teaches us that happiness comes from being rather than doing. Subscribe to find …

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  1. I love Eckhart. But can anyone explain why he needs to have $80 million? Jesus said it's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.

  2. Have you lost weight Eckhart? You look thinner or a little tired, I hope you are okay. I have to shut down my overthinking mind a lot lately, concerned about the world, animals, people. I do the best I can from one now to the next. Love to you Eckhart.

  3. Love this man and many like him such as the late Wayne Dyer. It did occur to me they are both wealthy. I know Eckhart has been rock bottom. You rarely see people with nothing making these teachings in the west. Both are multi millionaires. Wayne suggests we should not be ashamed of wealth but it's hard to hear them teach that money does not matter. Wayne was told one time by a spiritual leader that to remove his ego he should live in a low end hotel room for one year that smelled of pee etc. He said no I cant do that. I think as humans in this plain we will almost always fail the ultimate tests put our way. Both are far ahead of me and I love them both.

  4. This is so strange. I felt really bad and almost stopped the video. But now i really found the silence and feel good again.
    How unconcious is that, i really didn't know or think that i still was attached to the words..
    I thought i already was in the silence, it surprises me how tricky it is sometimes lol
    One question i'll maybe ask, after so long time i never felt bad, how can this happen?
    Well thanks i appreciate it

  5. Hello @Eckhart Tolle is it normal to feel fearful when becoming present and is it normal for the mind to continuously comment on my finding that space within me? There is a fear of letting go of my mind made sense of self. The fear is that I wont be able to return from becoming present. I know it may seem a bit silly wanting to come back to being able to think however there is a fear that if I let go of my thinking that I wont be able to think anymore.

  6. I thouroughly have gotten the message and love and honor the god within principal, and the healing to be found in the power of now, but it leaves one big truth out that is never mentioned- that we are not without help, and assistance from a power higher than that within, that colors the leaves, and flowers, and all of nature, that powers the wind, the rain, the ocean waves, our breath, our heartbeat- yes, we have the presence within, and I honor the presence within you, namaste, but I also honor the source of all, our partner, who has sent us here, to inhabit the body, to experience the temporal plane. The partner that created all, and gives us the power to also create, as we are created in the same image. All of the videos put forth that we are the source, and that the only source is within, but this denies the intelligence that creates all that is without us- the birds, the trees, the ocean, and streams- we
    must honor that intelligence, as our partner, otherwise to only honor that which is within, we are missing the bigger picture- we are not alone, the universal intelligence is our partner in all we do. To say we are God or part of god denies the intelligence of the god head behind everything, and all is chaos. It is not, though, flowers and grass and weeds continue in the same way, so there is an order, an intelligence behind it all.