Defeat Sexual Repression And Achieve True Pleasure | Annie Lalla

Defeat Sexual Repression And Achieve True Pleasure | Annie Lalla

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  1. wowwww; what an amazing human being; wowwww; every word you spoke Annie Lalla is so powerful and yet intimate, revealing, honest, brave, full of dignity, and just plain beautiful. i hope to find your books; but just your intrinsic alignment with the whole self is gooooooooood : well done Vishen for bringing Annie to the front and centre of the conversation; great job !!!

  2. Dear Vishen and Annie, this was an incredible talk, very impactful, very enlightened, very clarifying and exceptionally rich. You made the difference 🙂 and I am so grateful for running into this talk. Beautiful, inspired, full of wisdom and love.

  3. I’m totally loving that finally we can talk about sex the way it should have been growing up! Anna your a true leader dealing with woman’s sexuality. And teaching others to not vilify sex, is so extremely important. Woman should know how to fully connect sexually to themselves, so they can satisfy their partner. If they don’t know how to get turned on, sex isn’t enjoyable, and often becomes a task. And all because these woman were told that sex is dirty, and shameful. Subconsciously it sinks into their minds, and they cant connect properly to have the most amazing sex. It would be a wonderful culture where woman are encouraged, and taught to live a sexual fulfilling live.

  4. Eben Pagan High school, to your double major, really IQ drop by 35 age….to say, Mahavatar Babaji he jealous at where? The breast, or the color, or the photo, you should have relate that message to every of your late ex husband, Lalla….not just nini…..Panini, eat?

  5. Ouch, Annie’s perspective on polyamory is frankly distressing. The lack of distinction between “a couple with one person wanting to open the relationship” (which can often be coming from an avoidant place, not always, but that seems to be what she’s talking about, especially with the focus on ‘couple’ and ‘primary partner’) and “people who foster multiple intimate partnerships” was….rough. I really liked a lot of what she had to say on most of the other topics, but the framing of polyamory as something where one partner is coercing another into allowing them to prioritise another relationships over their ‘primary’ is….rough.