David Brooks: Should you live for your résumé … or your eulogy?

David Brooks: Should you live for your résumé … or your eulogy?

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  1. david is coming from a conservative religious background and oversimplifies who we are as humans. it paints a black and white picture without nuance and that is not how everyone experiences or sees the world. disappointing.

  2. I would posit that you could merge the two. Live your values. Cultivate your passion which supports those values. If what you do to support yourself does not support these values, do something else. There is no need to fight or wrestle. Live with meaning. Live deliberately. If what you do or 'desire' is in opposition to these values, do something else, desire something else (or ideally, desire less stuff and more meaning).

  3. I think I may be the only person who still prioritizes my adam 1 after seeing this. only by working my way back to the place where I can truly be myself can I be happy with myself and what I have achieved. also I really really want to be successful and smart.

  4. As a career transition coach I help my clients design their resumes to attract the careers they want. I am a bit different because I want my clients involved in the process. I ask them always who are you? How do you think, and what's important to you . Your resume is a mini review of yourself, which propels the employer to WANT to know more about YOU. We are not just words on a piece of paper, we are the actions and love that can be reflected on that piece of paper.

  5. 0:12 Resume Virtues and Eulogy Virtues
    0:45 Joseph Soloveitchik The Lonely Man of Faith (1965)
    0:53 2 Sides of our Nature
    1. Creator, Ambition, Glory-Seeking, Builder (Economic Logic) 3:30 Building Your Strength
    2. Be Good, Honor Goodness, Humble (Moral Logic) Fighting Sin/Weakness to create Good Character
    1:39 The Two Natures are at War with each other.

    2:19 A Shrewd, Calculating Creature
    – Life is a game, where we need to Win

    2:46 Commitment Lost
    3:06 Back To Shame
    4:12 We must saved by Hope, we must be saved by Faith, we must be saved by Love, we must be saved by Forgiveness

  6. It is not that we have two sides of our nature and one wants money and fame and the other wants internal value, actually we only want and need internal value, but external signals, culture tell us success means being rich and having power. It is not that we want two different kinds of success at the same time, but one of them is fabricated and the other one is authentic.

  7. the thing that is wrong with this is that he expects business to be about emotion, which is silly. Business can be all about Adam 1, and you can also have Adam 2 in your personal life, but it doesnt have to be all one or the other. You can have a job, but also have a depth of character

  8. Ambition isn't a vice. It's more like a lesser virtue. We need to channel the energy spent on material success in our society into more important things. Saying that virtue is important is a tautology. How to actually great a virtuous society is more complicated. Social change is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

  9. David Brooks, you are part of this bigger lie than the 2020 steal lie. The bigger lie is that the Republican Party is no longer the Lincoln party but a white grievance party using the left to stay relevant. Small government, lower taxes, what happened to this strategy. Be an American first, help reform the Republican Party to be Americans first. Stop defending the in defendable at every level. This week you still defend the Republican Party.

  10. When I was younger there was a lot more love and compassion for others, but as the years have passed I have realized that a lot of people have lost that. I have seen a lot more hate in others and I do not understand why. We are not to judge others, yet more than half the population is about judging, and who is better than the next, or who has more than the next. We all need a reality check. Life is to short to be that miserable to try to make someone elses life miserable. Mr Brooks you hit it right on the head with this.

  11. Defining myself to others comes from a source of combined skills and religious beliefs. In the midst of defining myself to others is where I constitute my characteristics in to a communications of understandings.