Current Problems and When I Went To Captain's Mast. Episode 08 Day 26

Current Problems and When I Went To Captain's Mast. Episode 08 Day 26

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  1. Damn, sorry to hear that.
    Having strong enlisted leaders is key to stop that from happening. That's to be expected from officers but we rely on enlisted leaders to inject some common sense and humanity into the conversation.

  2. Sorry..I do believe everything is about jealousy..When they know you are up in your game and you are focused in life, they fight you indirectly..

  3. Requesting Captains mast is not the same as actual Captains mast is it? It's basically when you want to jump the chain of command to ask something right? I'm a lowly EM3 I need to know this.

  4. When I was in there were two types of captains mast. One was punitive, the other was meritorious. Basically punishment or to receive an award. When you requested to see the captain or CO we generally did not call that mast.
    I think that this is a case where Yoon pissed off some higher ups. I don't think that it was worth the fight unless it was for some big family event like a wedding or funeral. Your command basically figured that you were taking leave to just have fun.
    Like they said in boot camp there are three ways of doing things … the right way, the wrong way and the Navy way. Guess which one wins out every time? Yep … it's not a matter of right or wrong .. It's all about the Navy …

  5. One you dont buy anything until Lib is known and secured and I am not Navy. Thank you for your service John C Stennis is my back yard like 20 miles worth and buffer zone.You just be you know Navy Laws I got one red cross calls for u you got 95% chance getting off boat

  6. Yoon, it’s not always personal but then again it’s not always fair. Always do your best no matter what, don’t let things like this define who you are.

  7. I was only in 6 years but you described how most Navy careers go. They come in all wide eyed & ready to work & then the system hits them & they just try to ride it out till the enlistment is over. I was lucky that I was able to cross rate, but they don't make it easy if you don't like your rate. I was 18 when I went in & my recruiter was like a car salesman who is looking out for himself & not the recruit . My dad did 22yrs but I never liked the military part, just the travel.

  8. I had 2 captains masts, and 2 admiral masts in 1 month at MSC because I was trying to get paid off a ship because the agency was withholding my training after they refused to allow me to go to A-School (denied at MEPS) right after being hired.