CORONA (The Song!) Official Music Video

CORONA (The Song!) Official Music Video

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  1. "Let’s stay calm
    And stop fighting over toilet paper!
    We are stronger when we stand together
    Things are bad but won’t last forever
    This is not the end.
    The world isn’t over
    We are stronger than Corona"

  2. While, I can appreciate the message of this song… several of the lyrics are incredibly tone deaf… especially the line about Corona won’t stop you from growing older. There are 200k dead Americans who would disagree if they could

  3. Great song and video, apart from the religious nonsense. Why is it necessary to turn a motivational song and video into a sermon? Some of us want to be motivated, not preached at.

  4. I will fight for my freedom to the end! It's the biggest fake event ever to enslave us!!! To take our freedom away! Keep yourself away from the Mark of the beast Poison RNA vaccine. A lot of people will have a severe reaction and they will try to hide it!

  5. The politicians and the media are the real virus. Now they are all united, acting all in the same way, against the people. We are their enemy, and we are divided and weaker than ever before in history.

  6. ty for the motivation,my faith is bursting out around dagenham uk,i am fearless in the roman swamp too,i make kung poo and not afraid of vindaflu i used too unblock poo too