Connecting to Spiritual Realities

Connecting to Spiritual Realities

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►SELF-HYPNOSIS AUDIO PROGRAMS: (Reprogram Your Subconscious)

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  1. We are meant to know, realize we have all existential universal power. However, I don't think we are meant to utilize all those power's here on this tiny planet, as it's more of a pitstop to where we are headed(to even use more powers) to stay or live.

    The question that's always in my head is. To what extent are we(humans) supposed to use those powers bestowed within our DNA when the little we've come to know about our intelligence has caused so much havoc?

  2. When I learned to actually be verbally quiet, in just a few hours I noticed a very enjoyable feeling emminating from within that seems to hug me like a glove. This is not just physical but mental also. It's incredible.

  3. You’re literally telling people to empty their bodies allowing demonic beings to enter their bodies and deceive them. These entities are here to steal, kill and destroy. I know because I use to channel, meditate, astro project, do tarot readings. These things were telling me to kill myself. Until I found the truth in Jesus Christ and was saved. You need to repent give your life to Jesus, and read the Gospel, in Jesus name I pray!