Comparing Yourself to Another is an INSULT to WHO YOU ARE!

Comparing Yourself to Another is an INSULT to WHO YOU ARE!

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  1. Yeah but literally everyone is better than me at every single thing, they have things I can only dream of having (not material things, relationships), I try to stay motivated and do my best to get half the result they get without making a single fucking effort

  2. I needed this soo bad all of my depression was because i was always comparing myself to others and now after this video i realized I have my own marathon

  3. It is true. The world is rough and mean. As Jordan Peterson said, "the world is against you . . . obviously." But as I told my own subscribers, many times the greatest enemy in life can be yourself. And you make yourself an enemy by comparision to others. If you make 80K a year and have 200K in the investment arenas you will feel badly if you have a friend who makes 250K and has a million in his. But you will feel good about yourself if you compare yourself to someone who makes 30K and has nothing in his accounts. But maybe that 250K person works 80 hours a week and hasn't had a vacation in ten years. The point is, your journey is yours. How much you want to work and gain to get the greatest benefits you can from your short time on earth—and most of those benefits, my friends, are not financial. Hope this helps someone—-Charles